Blaine Police Department reports: February 29-March 7

February 26, 2:40 p.m.: An officer on patrol noticed a woman stumbling, obviously impaired walking towards the Blaine skate park. An officer contacted the woman at the skate park to check her welfare. The woman, who the officer recognized from prior contacts, admitted to having two drinks. The officer offered to give the woman a courtesy ride to her home. She did not accept the offer. It was later determined the woman was on probation and consuming alcoholic beverages is a violation of said probation. The information was forwarded to the Blaine Municipal Court.

March 1, 12:48 p.m.: A man called to report that a bank in the 200 block of H Street has a cigarette disposal container outside of the bank. The man believed this to be illegal. An officer investigated and found that having a trash receptacle with a place to dispose of cigarettes on top of it did not constitute the commission of a crime by the financial institution.

March 1, 1:31 p.m.: A concerned parent reported his middle school daughter had possibly been assaulted by other students resulting in his daughter having a concussion. An officer contacted school staff and interviewed several students that were present during the incident.  According to witness statements no criminal wrong-doing was found to have occurred. The injury was determined to be caused by an accident. All parties were notified of the outcome of the investigation.

March 2, 3:29 p.m.: An employee from a local business dropped off a $5 counterfeit bill that had been received. The bill was confirmed to be counterfeit and then destroyed by a property officer and a civilian staff member.

March 2, 9:22 p.m.: The Washington State Patrol requested assistance from Blaine police in an attempt to locate an unknown B.C.-plated vehicle involved in a hit-and-run collision that occurred in Bellingham. A Blaine officer set up on I-5 and attempted to locate the black Acura MDX with front-end damage. The vehicle was not located, likely due to a time delay in reporting.

March 2, 11:30 p.m.: An officer located an abandoned vehicle partially parked in the roadway on Odell Road with no lights on. The vehicle owner was contacted just north of Pipeline Road. She advised the vehicle had broken down, and she was en route to seek assistance in getting the vehicle towed. The officer assisted the woman by returning to the vehicle and turning on the emergency flashers so other motorists would not hit it.

March 3, 5:11 p.m.: Officers responded to the library to locate a mother who walked off with her child, which was against CPS court orders. The mother was on a supervised visitation and left the library after being told by a social worker that she could not do so. The mother and child were found quickly by officers, and the child was taken into protective custody. The child was turned over to her foster parents.

March 3, 7 p.m.: A person entering the U.S. from Canada was found to be driving with a suspended license. The person was arrested, issued a criminal citation and released with a court date. A licensed driver was available, so the vehicle was not impounded.

March 4, 1:50 p.m.: An officer was driving his patrol vehicle on routine patrol in the 200 block of B Street when he came upon a loose female German Shepard. The playful canine jumped right into the back of the officer’s vehicle and a helpful neighbor pointed out the owner’s home. The pet owner was provided a reminder of city ordinance that prohibits dogs being loose and possible repercussions for not following the laws. The spunky canine was then released to her owners.

March 5, 12:30 a.m.: Officers were dispatched to a residence for an individual making threats to family. Officers arrived and contacted the adult son and father. It was apparent that the son was having mental health issues, was not taking his prescribed medications and had been ingesting controlled substances. The individual was taken into protective custody and was transported to the hospital for an involuntary commitment.

March 5, 5:38 a.m.: A business employee called to report a male transient has been hanging out on the business property. The unidentified transient startles the employee when she arrives for work. The employee asked the man to leave and he complied, but she would like him trespassed from the property. An officer will attempt to locate the individual to issue the warning.

March 5, 12:06 p.m.: Officers were contacted by a woman wishing to report a case of harassment. At this point, no crime has been committed and no pattern of unreasonable contact established. The woman will document occurrences as they happen and contact police to report any crimes.

March 5, 10:40 p.m.: Officers were asked by management of a storage unit to contact a couple who might be living inside it. The manager wanted to advise the occupants they are not allowed to live in the units, and he wanted them trespassed if they were. Officers checked the unit and found no one was currently there. The information was passed on to the next shift for follow up per the manager’s request. Officers followed up with the manager who decided to hold off on taking any action until he could confirm the people were living inside the unit.

March 7, 7:55 a.m.: Officers were dispatched to a report of woman on the ground crying and yelling. Officers arrived and contacted the 24-year-old woman along with a good Samaritan who was attempting to assist her. No evidence of a crime was discovered and officers provided the woman a courtesy transport to a family member’s home. The woman did allude to a domestic violence physical assault which occurred several days before, but stated she wished to contact police to report the assault at a later time.

March 7, 3 p.m.: Officers were dispatched to a report of a pickup truck backing southbound in the northbound lanes of I-5. Officers contacted the man, who admitted to knowing he had made a mistake by backing up on the freeway. The 29-year-old N. Vancouver resident was issued a citation.

March 7, 8:35 p.m.: An officer took a phone call from a woman who was walking home from the grocery store in the cold and thought someone might be following her. The officer provided the woman and her groceries a courtesy ride home.

March 7, 11 p.m.: Officers were notified of an open garage door by a neighbor. Officers checked the home and found the homeowner asleep and unaware the door was open. The person closed the door and went back to sleep.

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