Blaine Police Department Reports: February 22-28

February 22, 1:01 p.m.: Officers were dispatched to the 8700 block of Clubhouse Point Road for a gas line rupture. Officers arrived, along with NWFRS, and found that the line was cut by a contractor on accident. The contractors had a crew en route to shut the gas line off and fix the issue.

February 22, 11:58 a.m.: Blaine Police responded to the 9000 block of Semiahmoo Parkway at the request of the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office to search the area for a possible dementia patient who had been missing for two days. Police searched the area and determined the man matching the description of the missing person was a local resident who just resembled the man.

February 22, 5:10 p.m.: Officers were dispatched to a report of someone leaving their garbage on the sidewalk in garbage containers with full bottles of alcohol in them. An officer and the complainant opened and emptied the bottles to prevent children from gaining access to the alcohol.

February 23, 11:02 a.m.: A woman called to report that her phone was stolen from her residence. An officer arrived and took a report from the woman. Officers are attempting to locate a possible suspect.

February 23, 10:23 p.m.: Officers were dispatched to a Blaine business where an unknown individual had broken into a motor home and refused to leave upon the owner’s request. As officers were arriving a fight was observed breaking out between the suspect, property owner and a family member. Officers took the Bellingham transient into custody for vehicle prowl first, assault fourth and malicious mischief for property damage done inside the motor home. The man was booked into the Whatcom County Jail.

February 24, 4:30 a.m.: US Customs and Border Protection – Peace Arch reported a wrong way Charlie (car) southbound in the northbound lanes of Interstate 5 near milepost 276. An officer in the area spotted the wayward motorist near the northbound 276 off ramp where the driver turned around and preceded properly down the off ramp. Other units in the area were able to stop the vehicle on Peace Portal. A Blaine officer arrived and spoke with the elderly Camano Island resident. She said she had taken a side route from Kirkland and eventually became lost. When the woman saw she was headed for Canada via the roadside informational signs she turned around not realizing she was going the wrong direction. After determining the driver did not have any medical issues she was directed to Intestate 5 southbound to return home.

February 24, 12:03 p.m.: US Border Patrol agents advised they were in Peace Arch Park with an individual who had warrants. An officer responded and determined the man did have warrants, but the issuing agency declined to confirm. The man was released without incident.

February 24, 4:15 p.m.: A Blaine school district employee requested an officer to contact some juveniles who were refusing to leave campus. The juveniles left the school property before the officer arrived. The employee informed the officer that the group of juveniles were vaping on campus and being very rude in response to the requests from staff to not use vape pens. The employee informed the group they could not come back onto campus. An officer is working on identifying all of the involved parties to ensure they know that they are formally trespassed from school property.

February 24, 4:38 p.m.: Report of a woman dressed in a black coat, black sweat pants and rubber boots who was drinking in the alley behind a gas station and littering her cans. An officer arrived in the area but did not find anyone matching the description provided.

February 25, 1:35 a.m.: The Washington State Patrol requested assistance from Blaine officers in locating a suspect vehicle in Blaine stemming from a road rage incident that occurred on Interstate 5 near mile post 270. The suspect vehicle, possibly a tan Honda four-door had followed the resident to his home. One of the vehicle’s occupants “flipped” the resident his finger and then departed the area. The resident requested an area check to make sure that the suspect vehicle had left. An officer checked and did not locate the described vehicle.

February 25, 2:43 a.m.: An officer was dispatched with the fire department to a possible medical emergency after a truck driver who was thought to be in the sleeping berth of the truck was unresponsive. The company dispatcher was not able to contact the driver by cell phone. Officers and fire personnel arrived and attempted to gain entry to the semi-truck after their attempts to rouse someone inside had failed. While doing this the driver miraculously appeared in his personal vehicle. He stated that he was scheduled to unload at the business at 3 a.m. The driver was instructed to let someone know at the business that he was leaving the property and to call his dispatcher to let them know he was OK.

February 25, 2:02 p.m.: A citizen turned in a cell phone they found in the 1000 block of Mitchell Avenue a day prior. Police were able to work with the carrier to determine the owner, but there was no good address to continue the investigation. The phone will be logged into evidence pending claim by the owner.

February 25, 5:30 p.m.: A person entering the U.S. from Canada was found to be in violation of a valid protection order. The person was arrested and booked into the Whatcom County Jail.

February 26, 3:36 p.m.: Blaine Police were dispatched to a report of a possibly stolen and partially submerged boat at the Blaine Marina boat launch. Police arrived but were unable to find any record of the boat registration number. It is believed the boat was purchased and dropped off at the boat launch by the seller. Sadly for the buyer, the seller did not replace a drain plug. The boat then began taking on water while tied to the boat launch.

February 26, 3:09 p.m.: Officers responded to a report of a man with a gun. Multiple people reported seeing a man exit a vehicle with a rifle. The man was then seen walking up to a house and pointing the rifle at a nearby fence before entering the house. Officers contacted the man and identified the weapon as a realistic looking BB gun. The man denied pointing it at anything. Officers strongly advised the man to reconsider actions which may cause observers to fear for their safety and put himself at risk.

February 26, 5 p.m.: Police were dispatched to a report that a man had returned to a home where he was not allowed to be. Officers arrived and found the man had no existing trespass or protection orders on file and had the legal right to be where he was. The complainant was advised of such and provided information about obtaining a protection order should she choose to.

February 26, 5:08 p.m.: A man called police after his co-workers witnessed a hit and run to his parked vehicle. Police arrived and documented the incident. No suspect information is known.

February 26, 11:37 p.m.: Officers were dispatched to a report of a man walking around the entry of a church at a late hour. The complainant also said she saw a small pickup truck that may have picked up the man. Officers checked the area but did not locate anyone.

February 27, 12:07 p.m.: An officer responded to the Peace Arch port of entry where a man was found in possession of another person’s narcotics. An officer arrived and, with the help of a Russian-speaking customs officer, arrested the man. He was cited and released with a mandatory court date.

February 27, 2:05 p.m.: Officers were notified that an individual with a felony warrant had returned to an address in the 500 block of Cedar Street. Officers arrested and booked the individual into Whatcom County Jail without incident.

February 27, 3:17 p.m.: The 3500 block of H Street became unsafe to drive on due to the snow. City of Blaine Public Works was contacted to plow the roadway. Blaine officers and border patrol agents assisted motorists and provided traffic control until public works was available.

February 28, 10:07 a.m.: A woman came into the police department seeking assistance in getting out of an abusive relationship. During the conversation officers discovered there was probable cause for the arrest of a person for unlawful possession of a firearm. Officers located and arrested the subject who was booked into Whatcom County Jail.

February 28, 11:43 a.m.: Blaine police were dispatched to the Blaine High School after a staff member found unmarked pills on a student. An officer arrived and took custody of the suspicious pills. The pills were tested and determined to be non-narcotic.

February 28, 8 a.m.: A person reported someone had tried to push her vehicle out of her driveway the previous night. The freshly fallen snow from earlier in the evening indicated there was only one unsuccessful miscreant involved in the unusual activity.

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