Two amazing basketball shots land local sixth-grader on national news

Blaine sixth grader Carson Lehnert made two halfcourt shots in a tournament on January 21. Photo by Robert Lehnert.

By Oliver Lazenby

Making a halfcourt shot in basketball is rare enough that when Blaine sixth grader Carson Lehnert made two halfcourt buzzer beaters in consecutive tournament games on January 21, he made national news.

His father, Robert Lehnert, sent footage of the shots, in AAU games against Stanwood and Anacortes, to local media and the next day it aired on ESPN SportsCenter’s Top 10 plays.

“Carson has taken it all in stride though, and is really quite humble about it all,” said Robert, a Blaine middle and high school teacher.

That may be an understatement.

“It was cool because we watch SportsCenter and the Top 10 all the time, so to see myself on there made it more fun,” Carson said about the national attention.

Robert said Carson enjoys the challenge of halfcourt shots, and will often try a few after practices.

“It’s just fun to him, and he realizes it’s a shot you take hardly ever in a game.”

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