NWFR commissioners appoint new assistant COO

Joe Noonchester. Photo courtesy of North Whatcom Fire and Rescue.

The North Whatcom Fire and Rescue (NWFR) Board of Fire Commissioners welcomed a new assistant chief of operations during a regular meeting on January 19.

Formerly a training captain with NWFR, Joe Noonchester will now preside as assistant chief operating officer. The role was left open after William Pernett took on the role as interim, and later permanent, fire chief in 2015.

Noonchester has 15 years of experience with fire and rescue. He joined the district in 2009 and took part in a four-year executive fire officer program from the US Fire Administration’s National Fire Academy.

In a statement released January 19, staff with NWFR said Noonchester was chosen from a pool of nine candidates from throughout the US.

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