Letters to the editor: January 19-25

The Editor:

I am writing today in regards to our elected state House Representative Vincent Buys.  I am a republican, like most folks around here, but our representative in Olympia is not in-step with his constituents. He is co-sponsoring a bathroom bill (HR1011); the bathroom law proposed is almost an exact replica of the North Carolina HB2 bill, making it so that people must use the bathroom that corresponds to their gender on their birth certificate.

There are many problems with the bathroom bill; it is completely unenforceable (do I really have to bring my birth certificate to use the restroom?), it is creating a problem that does not exist (we have stalls for a reason), and, most importantly, the North Carolina bill may have cost that state millions, if not billions of lost revenue.

I say our lawmakers are out of step with our type of republicanism here in Washington state because we do not care about inconsequential things like limiting bathroom use, we care about lower taxes, education for kids, and limiting government overreach (especially in the bathroom, as I assure you, you don’t want to go in there).

Shannon O’Connell

The Editor:

The Blaine City Council is considering asking voters during the April election to approve a Transportation Benefit District (TBD) to fund improvements on streets and trails. The TBD would be funded with a two-tenths of 1 percent (0.2 percent) sales tax increase. I think this is a good idea, and wanted to share my thoughts about why.

I serve on the Blaine Parks and Cemetery Board, and we have been looking for creative ways to fund trail projects. Using a sales tax for funding means that Canadians and other visitors to Blaine (not just local property owners) will help fund some of these projects when they shop here.

Funding from the TBD can be used for needed safety improvements, like extending a trail between Blaine and Birch Bay to get bikes and pedestrians off the road. The money raised with the TBD will provide the matching funds needed when applying for grants.

Trails bring people to Blaine for shopping, tourism and recreation, which revitalizes our community and generates revenue for city services. This is a good idea to move our community forward.

Janet Pickard

The Editor:

Last issue there was a comment regarding the Federal presidential election.

For that author and your readers, the “certified” elections result submitted by each state et al, shows Hillary won the popular vote 65,844,954 to Trump 62,979,879 a margin of 2,865,075.

With that in mind, the focus on the results is that the 49 states results were very close and in favor of Trump.

Looking at California (my native state) Hillary won by anywhere from 3,400,000 to over 4 million votes, meaning without the landslide win in California a much different popular vote would result.

I am making no claims about the validity of the California vote, just informing you how the popular vote win was accomplished. Now, everyone should just support the new president and move on with your lives.

I live in Birch Bay and my focus is to see if we can get better service from using a different post office or get a new one for us residents. The woman who praised the carriers is probably correct. We in Baycrest lost a great carrier and miss her.

The problem is with the post office administration that ignores phone complaints and in-person complaints. As I cited before, the package door at my mailbox stand was broken and not repaired for about four months. I got a nice gash in my arm when I tried to remove a package for the large parcel box #1 of #2. All they had to do right away is put protective tape or something around the sharp protruding edges so no one was harmed like I was. The attitude in the post office of the supervisors and postmaster are very poor indeed and getting worse.

Since this newspaper has no interest in the post office’s treatment of us residents, it is incumbent that you voice your displeasure to this newspaper and the post office.

Mickey Masdeo
Birch Bay

The Editor:

Though Donald Trump has been sworn in, there are many of us who will continue working for an American government that represents all of us not just the 1 percent. Know that the efforts will continue in the fight for economic, racial, social and environmental justice. You can join in and be a part of this effort.

Paula and Michael Smith

The Editor:

Thanks Blaine people for another awesome trip from Maple Ridge, BC to Birch Bay. NEXUS border staff was pleasant as usual. A quick stop at the post office – served by very pleasant lady. Over to the bank – super helpful and happy. Over to the grocery store and again everyone is friendly and helpful. Last stop, to see my awesome propane lady who always has a smile on her face. What a great way to start a day!

Cal Sharpe
Maple Ridge, BC

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