Letters to the editor: January 5-11

The Editor:

To the person who hit my pretty green Subaru in the parking lot of the Semiahmoo Golf Club on the evening of Wednesday, January 4, while we were all attending a nice neighborly meeting on disaster preparedness: You hit and scraped my car hard enough to have noticed you did so;  and to cause a fair amount of damage I’ll have to pay to repair.

It’s really sad that you couldn’t have done the nice neighborly thing and left a note. It’s disappointing to know that not everyone here is a nice, kind, responsible neighbor.

Jennifer Plombon

The Editor:

It is with great pride in our communities and deep gratitude for the local residents that Blaine Food Bank volunteers announce we successfully raised $25,000 which was the original goal set by a generous benefactor.  Last October a local resident challenged BFB to raise $25,000.00 by December 16, 2016 and he would match the donations up to an equal amount.  We did it!

Our goal was not only matched, but with a flurry of last minute donations, it was exceeded as we ended the challenge with over $30,000 in cash donations.  Blaine Food Bank volunteers were especially gratified because when the challenge was announced to the community, our local residents, churches, schools, and businesses listened.  From the smallest donation to the largest, our communities responded to the plea

Who comes to the food bank?

Your neighbors, your friends, your family and people who you attend church with are all among those coming to visit the food bank once a week. Or, described another way, people who are out of work, low income families, senior citizens, veterans of the armed services, the disabled, single moms or dads, or anyone who temporarily needs help are represented by every person who makes their way to BFB.  Who is eligible to receive help from the food bank? With legal documentation proving they live in Birch Bay, Blaine, or Custer, BFB will give food to any family or individual who walks through our front door asking for help. Thank YOU for helping us to help others. With these donations, there will be milk and eggs far into 2017 and extra funds toward a new walk-in freezer.

Jerry Bladies on behalf of Blaine Food Bank volunteers

The Editor:

On December 6 President Obama gave a foreign policy speech at MacDill Air Force base in Florida. At one point in the speech he said, “…I will become the first POTUS to serve two full terms during a time of war.”

After which there was a great applause from the audience.

I thought to myself, “Wow, we’ve reached the point now where we are applauding perpetual war.”

At last count the USA is making war in seven different countries around the world. We have over 800 military bases around the world. It costs billions of taxpayer dollars per year to keep these facilities going. It is the greatest war making machine in the history of humanity.

I argue that it would be wiser for us to allocate our resources to help people in need and to protect the natural world on which we are all intrinsically dependent on.

Of course the politicians and generals, who are not much different than the violent religious zealots who they say they so vehemently hate, and who are mostly old, rich, white men, are paid to do the bidding of the giant war machine manufacturers and the bankers who finance them. Money and power are their gods. They also love to keep people in a state of fear. War and terrorist attacks means more fear, more fear means more money and more power.

It wouldn’t surprise me if most of these greedy men are impotent, narcissistic bullies who, like all bullies, mask their insecurities by acting tough and by promoting fear.

Our future president sure seems to fit this profile. Notice how many Wall Street execs and generals he has put on his staff? He promotes the notion of “America First” as if this country is on a different planet. He wants to build and sell more nuclear weapons. He promotes the idea of the evil “other.”

I say we should promote the idea of universal brotherhood and peace.

Jim Agnello
Birch Bay

The Editor:

I too felt that the report you made on Canadians being held at the border for specious drug crimes left too many questions unanswered. I feel strongly about issues like these and want all sides covered for a complete picture.

I also noticed the absence of any comment from the border patrols involved. Their reasons or any statement was crucial for an accurate understanding rather than the speculations of the defense attorney. These actions warrant the gravest concerns and thus accuracy.

The same letter speaks of the Blaine Post Office deficiencies. My experience was intense respect watching mail trucks after hours working fast and hard through all the snow to get the mail delivered. They went far beyond the bounds required by duty. A big thank you is what they should have. That is just my own experience and point of view.

Sharon Robinson

  1. When I read Mr. Agnello’s comment about military personnel cheering President Obama’s statement that he will be “the first POTUS to serve two full terms during a time of war”, I thought he must be wrong. But he wasn’t. I just listened to the speech myself. The audience was entirely military personnel and they did, in fact, cheer the statement. I’m pretty sure that President Obama was NOT boasting about it. It’s nothing to be proud of. But if our soldiers think that war is something to cheer about, then they should be absolutely giddy about Trump’s presidency.


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