2016 Year in Review: Blaine Police Department

By Lisa Moeller

We appreciate the recent opportunity to include a monthly summary of incidents along with our usual press highlights.

We’ve added this new feature to give The Northern Light readers a more encompassing picture of the work we do, without taking away the sometimes amusing highlights we know they have come to enjoy.

We believe in the importance of transparency in government and accountability to our citizens.  As we develop this new monthly feature, we welcome comments, questions and suggestions from the public.

They can be emailed to us at police@cityofblaine.com, or just stop in and see us sometime.

2016 Year in Review: Blaine Police Incidents Summary Report

911 Hang Up: 40

Assault Misdemeanor (Non DV): 13

Assault Felony (Non DV): 4

Animal Complaint: 121

Assist Citizen: 309

Assist NWFRS (Aid/Fire): 256

Assist other Law Enforcement: 157

Building Alarm: 150

Building Code Violation: 11

Burglary: 32

Child Abuse/Neglect: 12

Child molestation/rape: 4

Civil Matter: 104

Collision: 72

Concealed Pistol License Issued: 84

Counterfeit Possess/Pass: 13

Custodial Interference: 4

Disturbing Peace/Disorderly Conduct: 101

DUI (Drugs/Alcohol): 15

Driving While License Suspended: 288

Drug Violation: 63

DV Assault/Order Violation/Other: 167

False Reporting: 14

Fireworks Violation: 8

Fish and Wildlife Violation: 10

Fraud/Forgery: 24

Harassment: 47

Hit and Run: 19

Juvenile Problem/Truancy: 52

Lewd Act: 6

Littering/Illegal Dumping: 13

Malicious Mischief: 49

Mental Health Concern: 58

Minor In Possession: 17

Missing Person/Runaway: 26

Motor Vehicle Theft: 4

Obstructing/Eluding/Resisting: 13

Property Lost/Found/Abandoned: 114

Public Record Request: 230

Rape: 2

Robbery: 1

Security Check: 42

Sex Offender Verification: 19

Sexual Misconduct with a minor: 3

Stalking: 4

Stolen Property/Possession/Trafficking: 8

Suicidal Subject: 29

Suspicious Circumstance: 264

Theft/Shoplifting/Vehicle Prowl: 152

Threats: 14

Traffic Complaint (Moving/Parking): 277

Transient Complaint: 52

Trespass Issued: 72

Trespass Committed (Criminal): 37

Unlawful Imprisonment/Kidnap: 4

Warrant/Court Order: 327

Weapons Offense: 11

Welfare Check: 93

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