Wings Over Water NW Birding Festival honored with Mindful Birding Award

By Stefanie Donahue

Staff with the Wings Over Water Northwest Birding Festival received national recognition from the Mindful Birding project last week for their success in upholding birding ethics and conservation.

The project is a branch of the Morrissey Family Foundation and awards cash prizes to birding festivals of the Pacific Flyway that are known to uphold superior ethical birding practices. While the dollar amount had yet to be disclosed, Wings Over Water is eligible to receive $500 or more.

Chuck Kinzer, a member of the Wings Over Water steering committee, said the money will be used to refresh outdated brochures, which still contain the festival’s old name and ethical standards. He and project staff hope to send out the updated materials to chambers of commerce throughout the state once they’re updated.

In the months leading up to the festival, Kinzer and the rest of the Wings Over Water steering committee are busy planning. This year, the three-day event will take place Friday through Sunday, March 10 to 12 in Blaine, Semiahmoo and Birch Bay.

To learn more, visit or search “Wings Over Water Northwest Birding Festival” on Facebook.

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