Letters to the editor: December 8-14

The Editor:

I cannot say thank you enough to all of the people who helped make this year’s Thanksgiving Day baskets a success. Between our donors, volunteers and this very publication bringing attention to our cause, I am in awe.

This year we were able to provide baskets with all the fixings for Thanksgiving dinner to 275 families in Blaine, Birch Bay and Custer.

Through the commitment of enthusiastic volunteers and the generosity of this great community, 1,694 people (996 adults and 698 children) enjoyed a Thanksgiving dinner.

This year St. Anne’s Catholic Church donated the most pies (108), followed very closely by Christ Episcopal (107), and the Girl Scouts (75). From all the pie makers, there were 504 pies.

We are grateful to the many individuals, social clubs and businesses that provided generous financial support and product donations to ensure the success of this annual tradition. We are especially grateful to the Northwest Dairy Association for their butter; to Edaleen’s Dairy for their milk; and to Bedlington Potato Warehouse for their potatoes. We deeply appreciate your heartfelt generosity.

And a special thank you to our brave firefighters of North Whatcom Fire and Rescue who were pivotal to making this program happen. Without you, the turkeys, butter and milk would have never made it to our site.

I am so thankful to all of the volunteer team members who took time out of their lives to take the reservations, bag the groceries, set up the baskets, manage the distribution, serve coffee and cookies, and help the whole operation run smoothly. We truly have the best team of volunteers out there.

Rhyan Lopez, Director
Thanksgiving Basket Program

The Editor:

It’s that time of year again to witness a treat so many never get to see on a cold winter day. Blaine is blessed with a tiny Anna’s hummingbird. I honestly believe this is God’s gift; a brightly colored Christmas bird.

Hang a feeder with nectar and the little bird will stop and fill up on energy drink. Nectar will freeze; have a second feeder ready to replace the frozen one. No one knows for sure why this bird does not migrate. Studies have been conducted this bird remains with no feeders.

In my experiences with this bird, the numbers increase when feed is available during the winter. The best nectar is the store-bought red Perky Pet large 84-ounce bottle which requires no refrigeration.

Charles E. Smith

The Editor:

I am writing to you today in regards to the article “Public comments open on Blaine marina clean up.” This threat to our clean water and ultimately to the health of our children is absolutely contemptible. This is a case where we see exactly how awfully our system works.

Even in this politically charged climate, it is very easy to find common ground. Large corporations need to be held responsible for dirtying our water supply, we need more studies to be funded to look into the impact of these chemicals and the eventual health consequences.

Donald Trump made headlines during his campaign with rhetoric about defunding the Environmental Protection Agency. I ask, what do the residents of Blaine have to say about this? I would argue that the EPA needs more funding and more regulations for chemical use and eventual cleanup. It should also be noted that it appears that no company is being held responsible for this, and the tax paying residents are financially responsible for the government’s lack of oversight.

The EPA is now trying to impose more restrictions to help protect our soil and water from further damage, but of course, is being opposed by big money in the oil business. We need to stand up to the big oil business and give a loud, resounding “No More.” Our children’s health and access to clean water and soil are too important to make this a political issue.

Shannon O’Connell

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