Blaine police reports: December 8-13

December 8, 9:40 a.m.: An officer found a bike that had been left outside of a building for more than 24 hours. The officer took possession of the gray BMX bike and will try to find its owner. The bike has many unique stickers on the frame that would make it easily identifiable to the owner.

December 9, 8:15 a.m.: A citizen called to report the theft of two bicycles from a shed in the 500 block of D Street. Officers are continuing to search for the two mountain bikes, a blue and black Kona and red Brodie.

December 9, 11:59 a.m.: Blaine police responded to a report of a vehicle towing a sled on the roadway. An officer caught up with the young males and spoke with them about the dangers they were putting themselves and others in by doing this. The involved parties stated that they understood and agreed to cease and desist.

December 10, 6:44 a.m.: Police responded to a suspicious circumstances complaint at a residence when the homeowner discovered unfamiliar footprints in the snow around their property. The resident reported that it did not look like the prowler had gained entry to buildings or taken anything. The arriving officer examined the site and determined a battle had apparently taken place. The patterns of footprints and spent munitions told a story of energetic youngsters using the back yard to execute a flanking maneuver in a sneak snowball attack on opposing forces. Both sides had removed their wounded and no prisoners were available for interrogation.

December 10, 3:19 p.m.: A Blaine resident called police to report being harassed. The man stated that a friend and roommate borrowed money from someone and had to repay him. After his friend repaid his debt, he received threatening text messages stating that “the debt is not repaid.” After listening to the messages, the officer determined that no direct threat was made. The man was advised to block the caller’s number, given information on what types of language would constitute criminal threats, and was asked to notify police again if the problem worsened.

December 10, 12:30 p.m.: A resident called to report multiple instances of someone trespassing onto their property overnight on weekend evenings, moving items in the yard but not stealing anything. All officers were advised of the problem for extra patrols in the neighborhood.

December 10, 7:10 p.m.: The out-of-state relative of a Blaine resident called police asking for assistance when she was not able to contact her family member here. Officers responded to the local person’s home and found no one was home at the time but the apartment was definitely occupied and a neighbor had seen the family the previous day. They left a note asking the resident to contact police at their convenience regarding the welfare check, and the distant relative was advised of the outcome.

December 10, 7:31 a.m.: Blaine Police responded to a mutual aid request from WCSO to assist a deputy en route to a bar fight in Birch Bay. Officers arrived and assisted the deputy until their cover was no longer needed.

December 11, 2:01 a.m.: Officers responded to assist WCSO with a report of a stabbing at a residence in Birch Bay. Upon arrival it was determined the call was false, and officers cleared.

December 11, 3 p.m.: A person who has been living out of his vehicle requested a Salvation Army voucher so he could purchase gasoline to continue looking for work and stay warm in his vehicle. The man was provided a voucher for fuel at a local service station.

December 11, 8:30 p.m.: Police were dispatched to a service station when employees there encountered a counterfeit bill. An officer responded and met with a clerk who had found the fake US $20 note in his till and could not recall which customer had passed it. The officer collected the counterfeit bill and processed it as evidence.

December 12, 10:06 a.m.: An officer responded to an apartment complex where a person in an electric wheelchair was stuck in the snow. The officer arrived along with the fire department, and together the group was able to get the person and the wheelchair back into the home.

December 12, 10:29 a.m.: An officer was waved down and advised of a vehicle that had slid off the icy roadway and into a ditch. An officer responded and found the vehicle was solely occupied by the uninjured driver who was already in the process of contacting a tow truck. There was minor damage to the vehicle, but no damage to surrounding property. The officer gave the woman a ride to her workplace, just a short distance away, so she could wait in warmth for the busy tow truck driver.

December 12, 10:54 a.m.: A woman called police to report two teenage boys walking down the alley near her house carrying a rifle or BB gun. They were walking in the direction of Salishan Park. Officers responded and checked the entire area. No signs of the snow day posse were located, and no further calls were received.

December 12, 12:43 p.m.: An officer responded to a daycare facility in the 700 block of Adelia Street where the smell of smoke was reported inside. The officer arrived and found the fire department was already on scene, and all of the people in the building were safe. North Whatcom Fire and Rescue Service is investigating the cause of the smoky aroma.

December 12, 4:25 p.m.: The Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office requested assistance on a traffic stop near Birch Bay Square. It was suspected there may be drugs in the vehicle. An officer arrived and recognized one of the suspects as a person who had a Blaine Municipal Court warrant. The man had attempted to avoid arrest on the warrant by giving the deputy a false name, but his plan was foiled when the Blaine officer arrived and set straight the confusion about his identity. The warrant was confirmed and a copy was sent to the jail where the man was being booked on felony charges related to the contact.

December 12, 11:30 p.m.: A concerned resident called police dispatch to report a suspicious vehicle parked outside her home. Officers responded to the area and found the owner sitting inside the vehicle, which was experiencing mechanical problems. Officers assisted in pushing the vehicle out of the roadway until a relative could arrive to further assist the stranded motorist.

December 13, 1:30 a.m.: Officers responded to a report of a barking dog keeping people awake in the middle of the night. Officers arrived in the area and observed two large dogs barking, perhaps entranced by the large beautiful moon. The dogs’ owner was contacted, and she apologized for the disturbance. The canines were brought in for the night to resolve the problem.

December 13, 10:39 a.m.: An officer responded to the 600 block of Peace Portal for a commercial burglary alarm activation. Officers checked the exterior of the building and found it to be secure, with no signs of criminal activity. A false alarm notification was completed and will be mailed to the business.

December 13, 2:31 p.m.: During a city council meeting a complaint was made about a storage container being illegally stored on Cherry Street in the parking lane on the north side of the street at the west edge of 3rd Street. Public works confirmed a right of way obstruction permit did not exist for that location. An officer contacted the owner of the container, which is being used during a construction remodel, and advised him of the proper permitting that needs to be obtained.

December 13, 5:30 p.m.: A woman reported that while she was out of her car shopping for less than a minute, someone entered her unlocked car and stole her wallet from the front seat. The wallet did not contain any credit cards but, did contain approximately $25 Canadian cash.

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