Young at Heart: December 2016

Thank you to all the vendors, staff, donors and customers that made the 10th Annual Christmas Bazaar a huge success at the Blaine Senior Center this month.

We expanded into the pavilion this year and in spite of a few wrinkles had a very successful event.

Dig out that old Christmas sweater, brush it off and wear it to the senior center on Friday, December 16 at 11:30 a.m. You’ll have the opportunity to show that your sweater is the worst ever and maybe you’ll win in the ugly, uglier or ugliest category. Good luck to you all!

logojpg-copy-2Don’t forget to take advantage of the community meal every Wednesday at the senior center from 5 to 6:30 p.m. We are fortunate in Blaine to have organizations willing to donate their time, skills and dollars to make sure that those who may need a warm meal, or an opportunity to meet and spend time with others, have a safe place to meet.

This meal program is a part of the Blaine Community Assistance Program (CAP) and is sponsored by local churches, individuals and organizations. There is no charge for this meal, but donations are accepted.

Are you wondering what your blood pressure is? Stop by the senior center between 11 a.m. and noon on December 22 and find out. The fire department will have someone available to check your blood pressure and talk to you about the results. This service is available every month, so you can keep track and work to get your blood pressure under control if necessary. These firemen volunteer their time for this community service, so let’s take advantage of their good intentions and keep them busy during their time at the senior center.

Are you starting to see your weight go up with all the good food and desserts we have available at this time of year? Well, I have the answer. Go ahead and enjoy yourself this month, and then enroll in our next strength training class that starts the week of January 23. All you have to do is come fill out the paperwork and you will be ready to burn off that extra weight next month with the help of our excellent instructor, Phil Aguire.

We have a new volunteer of the month, Theresa Pomeroy. She is a retired accountant and has served on the Blaine Planning Commission and on the Blaine City Council. She enjoys working at the front desk and she says, “Everyone is friendly and happy. It’s always a good day when I go to the senior center!”

Well, Theresa, we think it’s a good day when you come to the center also.

December is a time to look around and experience the joy of this holiday season. The board of directors of the Blaine Senior Center wish everyone a wonderful December and ask that you all remember us in the coming New Year.

Blaine Senior Center is located at 763 G Street.

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