Get to know the Blaine Senior Center volunteer of the month

Last week, staff at the Blaine Senior Center recognized their volunteer of the month. Birch Bay resident Leslie Kaeufer received the accolade, along with a $35 gift card to Fred Meyer.

“Leslie Kaeufer is a big help in getting those decorations gathered together and put in place for the attendees’ enjoyment,” said Lorrie Conyac in the Blaine Senior Center’s monthly newsletter. “She likes to donate her time to the Blaine Senior Center wherever she’s needed, and she is a delight to work with on our many projects.”

Kaeufer spends six days a week at the center. She grew up in Pennsylvania and has been a Birch Bay resident for 15 years.

The Northern Light sat down with Kaeufer to discuss her work as a volunteer with the senior center.


Staff at the Blaine Senior Center recognized Leslie Kaeufer as the volunteer of the month. Photo by Stefanie Donahue.

How long have you volunteered with the Blaine Senior Center?

I’ve been here for eight years. My mom moved from Pennsylvania and that’s when I joined.

How did you get involved? 

When my mom moved here, we started coming and then we joined the exercise class. They have a nice stretch class and we just started volunteering, doing whatever they needed done around here. For the past five years we’ve done the decorating for the high tea fundraising event that they have every year. Now, I do Zumba and line dancing at the pavilion. I am here every day and I help facilitate the class.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering? 

It’s a great place. It’s a wonderful group of people here – so fun and friendly. I’ve made a lot of great friends. Not just associates, but friends. We have a lot of activities every month and it’s just a good time. It’s a nice place to come and meet friends, have a good meal and just hang out.

What makes the Blaine Senior Center special to you?

The people; it’s a wonderful community here. This is such a wonderful community. It’s so giving. It’s hard to believe that a little community like this can be so giving and sweet as it is.

We love our new director, Kathy Sitker. Kathy just fits right in here. She’s so fun.

It’s just a wonderful place to come and hangout, especially for seniors. When there’s nothing else to do in the community, the doors are always open here and you’re always greeted with a smile and hugs. It’s just a nice place to be.

It’s a nice little community. It’s unbelievable how the people are in this little community. You just don’t get that anymore. Most neighborhoods just aren’t like that at all. People who’ve been to other senior centers think this one is the best, because the people are the most friendly here.

You get acknowledged when you walk through the door.

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