Young at Heart: October 2016


Have you ever ridden one of those roller coasters that have the big hill at the very beginning where you go over the top and rush head first to the bottom? Well, that’s sort of what goes on at the Blaine Senior Center each year.

We start out slow, then with spring comes a rush of events and projects that carries us through to the Fourth of July. While we catch our breath we slowly climb the next hill for the big plunge toward the end of the year. We’re coming to the top of the next hill and speed is picking up as we prepare for Halloween, the November Spaghetti Feed and Bellingham Youth Jazz Band and our ever popular Christmas Bazaar. So, hold on tight and mark your calendar for future events, we’re racing to the finish of 2016.

We’re having a fabric, yarn and plant sale Thursday and Friday, October 20 and 21. Come and see if we have something you can use in getting ready for the Christmas season.

Our volunteer of the month for October, Leslie Kaeufer, is a big help in getting those decorations gathered together and put in place for the attendees’ enjoyment. She likes to donate her time to the Blaine Senior Center wherever she’s needed, and she is a delight to work with on our many projects. She also participates in Zumba and line dancing. Thank you, Leslie, for your sunny smile and “get it done” attitude!

At this time of year, unfortunately, we have to be thinking about the flu season and getting our shots. Come into the Blaine Senior Center and get your shot on Thursday, October 20 between 1 and 3 p.m. Walgreens will be giving the shots and will bill your insurance for you, so don’t forget to bring your insurance card.

Excitement is high as we prepare for our Christmas Bazaar this year. We’re calling all artists to participate at the new Pavilion next to the Blaine Senior Center.

We have lots of room, so all you have to furnish is a $30 application fee, your tables/displays, and beautiful hand crafted products. The event is for two days, December 2 and 3.

You will receive a 10’X10’ area to market your items.

Call 360/332-8040 for more information.

Halloween is coming and you know how the center’s decorating committee loves to get into the fun. Come to see how we deck the place out and have lunch on October 31 in your favorite costume. Enter our contest to win lots of smiles and laughter! Sorry, no money.

Mark your calendar for our Friday, November 4 Spaghetti Feed and music by the Bellingham Youth Jazz Band. Buy your tickets in advance. Adults $10, children $5.

Blaine Senior Center is located at 763 G Street, Blaine.

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