Letters to the editor: October 6-12

The Editor:

The need is great. The need is now. Are the communities of Birch Bay, Blaine and Custer up for a challenge? Blaine Food Bank (BFB) has an incredible opportunity. If BFB raises $25,000 by December 16,  a local resident generously promised to match community donations up to this amount. Whether you are a business, a family or an individual, please help us reach this goal.

Have you ever gone to sleep hungry, not by choice but because you had no food? Are you a parent who goes without to provide more for your children? Are you a child who goes to school without a breakfast? If so, please tell your friends exactly how important it is to receive milk, eggs and bread from the BFB.

Encourage community giving by sharing what being able to rely on the BFB means to you and your family.

Please believe me. Blaine Food Bank needs financial help. Our agency is suffering the same economic setback as the rest of our country. Our lines are longer and government support has been cut in half. Point of fact: BFB now serves close to 100 more families a week than this time last year.

We average 400 families (over 1,500 individuals) in a week and distribute over 80,000 pounds of food every month.

Times are tough, yes. However, with help from our local businesses, churches and community,

BFB will continue to provide help to those residents who are most vulnerable.

So the challenge is issued: will Birch Bay, Blaine and Custer businesses, local churches and current residents step up? Will you help Blaine Food Bank reach our goal of $25,000 by December 16? Starting October 17, BFB will display a thermometer showing our donors how we are progressing (from a low simmer to a full boil) as we try to reach our $25,000 goal.

Our mailing address is PO Box 472.

Jerry Bladies
Blaine Food Bank

The Editor:

The Community Assistance Program (CAP) will be providing Thanksgiving dinner baskets again this year for those in our community with financial need. Last year over 300 baskets were given out, and we anticipate the need will be as great or greater this year.

To fund this program, which is run completely by volunteers, we rely solely on the generous contributions of community members and businesses.

As we receive no government funding, your help is needed! If you have the means to help your neighbors in need, please mail your check to CAP Thanksgiving Basket Fund, P.O. Box 1067, Blaine, WA 98231. CAP is a 501(c)(3) organization and is registered with the Washington Secretary of State; all donations are fully tax-deductible. Thank you for blessing those in our community who need it most!

The Thanksgiving Basket program serves families with children, seniors and those who are disabled, unemployed or under-employed who reside in Blaine, Birch Bay, Custer and Point Roberts. If you qualify and would like to receive a Thanksgiving dinner basket, you must make a reservation by calling the Blaine school district Family Service Center at 360/332-0740 by November 9.

Baskets are to be picked up on Wednesday, November 23 between 11:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., at Unit 280 of the Cost Cutter Shopping Center. A specific pick-up time will be assigned to you once you are registered. Baskets will not be available without a reservation.

Rhyan Lopez
Thanksgiving Basket Director

The Editor:

In its 148-year history, the San Diego Union-Tribune has endorsed every Republican presidential candidate, until this year when it endorsed the Democratic presidential candidate. Other newspapers breaking with their longstanding tradition of always endorsing the Republican presidential candidate are: The Arizona Republic, The Dallas Morning News, The Cincinnati Enquirer and Houston Chronicle, all of which this year endorsed the Democratic presidential candidate.

The Washington Post not only endorsed the Democratic presidential candidate, it is also planning a series of editorials beginning with, “The clear and present danger of Donald Trump.”

The Atlantic magazine dismisses Trump as “ostentatiously unqualified” and “a sexist.”

These publications and others have concluded that Donald Trump lacks the temperament to be President, given his history of repeated attacks against women, muslims, veterans, immigrants and even Gold Star families.

Despite this history and Donald Trump’s continued refusal to release his full tax returns (the first Presidential candidate in 40 years to do so), his unspecified business ties with Russia and numerous accounts of his questionable business practices, our local Republican politicians and Republican candidates including Doug Ericksen, Vincent Buys and Luanne Van Werven, have failed to express any principled stand against Donald Trump’s behavior. Moreover, Doug Ericksen was instrumental in arranging the last-minute Donald Trump rally at the Lynden Fairgrounds … saddling all of us Whatcom County taxpayers with the approximately $175,000 bill for security.

This election is too important to sit out. In my view, the very core of everything the United States of America stands for is at stake.

Years from now, when our children or grandchildren ask what we did to protect our nation and our values in the 2016 election, all of us will be accountable for the choices we made.

Not voting or wasting a vote on a candidate with no chance of winning only helps to elect Donald Trump. That is why I will be voting without reservations for: Hillary Clinton, President; Patty Murray, U.S. Senator; Suzan DelBene, U.S. Representative; Jay Inslee, Governor; and Sharlaine LaClair, State Representative – District 42 Position 1.

Please, vote in this election.

Michael Crum

The Editor:

I’m thankful Sharlaine LaClair is running for State Representative, District 42 Position 1. For over a decade Sharlaine LaClair has worked to promote prosperity through job creation, education and entrepreneurship. Sharlaine’s family has lived in Whatcom County since time immemorial and she understands that we must protect and use our natural resources wisely for current and future generations.

As executive director of the Lummi Nation Service Organization, Sharlaine worked to recruit new businesses creating family wage jobs to Whatcom County and with small businesses to streamline permitting.

As a planning and budget commissioner for the Lummi Nation, Sharlaine led in developing infrastructure, economic vitality and fiscal responsibility.

The incumbent, Luanne Van Werven, worked in the state legislature to eliminate protection of our drinking water. Luanne co-sponsored legislation (HB2720) that eliminates Washington State’s protection of our drinking water; and she co-sponsored (HB2721), which prevents the United States of America from protecting our drinking water.

Luanne supports the proposed GPT coal export terminal, which proponents are trying to keep alive with threats of lawsuits even though the United States Army Corp of Engineers denied GPT’s permit. Van Werven has said GPT is “essential for the future of our company. We have a trucking
company;” “necessary for economic development in Whatcom County;” and that she is “also in support of the project for the next generation.”

Sharlaine LaClair understands the importance of education and the need for the state legislature to adequately fund our schools. Luanne Van Werven co-sponsored HB 2367, which takes millions of dollars away from our public school districts and instead gives it to charter schools run by non-profit corporations.

Sharlaine LaClair knows we must reform our tax code to require corporations that do not provide local jobs to pay their fair share of taxes. In contrast, Luanne Van Werven said one reason she “adamantly opposed the transportation package” was because it “does not extend some tax ‘exemptions’ or ‘loopholes.’”

To me the choice is clear – I’ll be voting for Sharlaine LaClair and I hope you will too.

Paula Rotundi

  1. I cannot believe that people will support a liar and a person that avoids American law!
    And they support the Democratic party with their “ethics”! These are all from previous letters. I just have a hard time believing anyone would support a person who is a confirmed liar! And much worse. They do not watch the news or they are ignorant!
    Bruce Kay, Birch Bay


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