Copycat clown incident causes a stir in Blaine schools

Last week, police responded to an incident at the Blaine school district involving three students who are accused of imitating clowns and threatening fellow students and staff on various social media accounts.

Dubbed the creepy clown craze by news outlets, people masquerading as haunting harlequins, either online or on the street, are appearing across the globe. On October 6, the fad reached Blaine Middle School.

According to a statement released by the city of Blaine, three 12-year-old students were allegedly responsible for sending threatening messages to fellow students and staff under the creepy clown guise on various social media accounts.

Blaine police received calls early that morning from a concerned parent and an investigation soon followed. Authorities determined that the situation did not warrant a lock-down or a school evacuation.

As of October 11, officers were still in the process of deciding whether to press charges against the parties involved.

“In light of the growing epidemic of school violence in our nation, we believe there is no such thing as a harmless prank when it threatens the safety and welfare of students or staff in our schools,” said Blaine police in a statement. “Any such threat will be taken seriously and thoroughly investigated.”

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