Police Reports

September 23, 11:21 a.m.: Officers were contacted by a B.C. resident concerned over fraudulent use of her mailbox service in Blaine. Several packages were received at a local business, much to the mailbox owner’s surprise. The purchases appear to have been made through a hacked Amazon account. Officers advised the victim to contact Amazon and cancel cards associated with the account. As the identity theft occurred in B.C., the victim was notified to contact the local RCMP detachment. All packages were released to the custody of the local business for return to the senders.
September 23, 12:20 p.m.: While on the school campus for lunchtime, an officer was notified that a young girl at the elementary school had sustained a facial injury. The officer responded and assisted the school nurse until an aid unit arrived. Shortly after aid arrived, the fire alarm activated. The officer then assisted school officials in evacuating the school and ensuring all children were accounted for. After the alarm was found to be false, the children resumed their school activities and the officer cleared.
September 23, 12:25 p.m.: A school employee called to report that a student who has been absent from school for the past few weeks now has a juvenile warrant for truancy. The warrant was confirmed and a copy was obtained from the court. The juvenile was located the next day. He was arrested and booked into the juvenile detention center without incident.
September 24, 3:02 p.m.: Blaine police responded to the 1700 block of H Street after someone reported seeing what they believed was a dead body in a van. The van drove off before officers arrived, but officers were able to locate the vehicle. An officer contacted the driver, who allowed him to look into the van. What the officer found was a gourd underneath some aprons. The crafty female driver stated she bought the gourd at the farmer’s market and the aprons were handmade by her. Whatever plan she had for the gourd, it probably hadn’t involved staging a crime scene. The officer and the woman parted ways after a good chuckle.
September 24, 8:20 p.m.: A woman called police after her ex-husband refused to exit her vehicle after she had given him a ride. The woman threatened to call police if he did not exit the car. She pulled into the parking lot of the police department and called for help. When an officer arrived he found the woman’s ex had already wisely decided to beat feet. The woman requested officers still make contact with the man and advise him he was not welcome on her property or in her vehicle in the future.
September 24, 10:10 p.m.: An anonymous person called to police to report loud music coming from a home on G Street. Police arrived and contacted several people walking from the home. They advised they had the music playing loudly for a brief moment, but had since turned the music off. Police cleared without incident.
September 25, 11:45 a.m.: An officer was dispatched to a customer/business dispute in the 200 block of D Street. A motel manager requested to have a person removed from a room as the person had allegedly damaged the room by purposely flooding the bathroom. The officer arrived and contacted the person and checked the room. The bathroom did indeed have some water on the floor, but the occupant explained the tub had plugged. They attempted to drain it, but water spilled over before they got it unclogged. The manager still requested the person leave. The occupant decided to comply with the request and agreed to vacate within the hour.
September 25, 6:04 p.m.: What-Comm reported a 911 hang-up from a cell phone in the area of the 8900 block of Semiahmoo Parkway. Upon call back the person reported they did not call 911, but hung up on the 911 call-taker. An officer checked the area but was unable to locate anyone in need of emergency services.
September 26, 9:19 a.m.: A person reported that a child’s bicycle had been leaning against a tree near the Marine Drive Park playground for two days and was possibly abandoned. An officer picked up the boy’s Chaos BMX bike and placed it into safekeeping pending claim by its owner.
September 26, 9:40 a.m.: A person reported finding an injured domestic rabbit in her neighborhood. Neighbors’ attempts to locate an owner were unsuccessful, and animal control responded to pick up the large black bunny and provide it care.
September 26, 12:31 p.m.: Police responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle parked on Blaine school district property. The vehicle’s windows were covered with towels and clothing. An officer recognized the unoccupied vehicle as one being used by transients in the area. A woman who had been previously contacted by officers while in the vehicle arrived a short time later. Although the woman claimed ownership of the vehicle, she was not the vehicle’s registered owner and she was unable to provide any proof of ownership, insurance or a valid driver’s license. The school district had the vehicle removed from their property by a local tow company.
September 26, 5:10 p.m.: A woman came to the police station seeking help. She was having thoughts of harming herself and requested help connecting with a mental health provider. North Whatcom Fire and Rescue responded with an aid unit and provided the woman transportation to Peace Health St. Joseph’s Medical Center for an evaluation.
September 26, 5:21 p.m.: Police were contacted by a parent wishing to report her child had been the victim of an assault. The back of her child’s foot was stepped on by another child in what the parent believed may be a pattern of ongoing harassment. An officer contacted the two children involved and determined the contact did not meet the threshold of assault. Police and school officials met together with the parents of both children in an effort to resolve any ongoing conflict between the involved students.

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