The historic Plover ferry undergoes its 21st annual inspection following last seasonal service

By Stefanie Donahue

United States Coast Guard (USCG) representatives Chris Schilling and Melinda Bacon, conducted an annual inspection of the historic Plover ferry last Thursday, September 8.

The passenger ferry has undergone a total of 21 required inspections, said director of Drayton Harbor Maritime Richard Sturgill.


Members of the United States Coast Guard inspect the Plover.

“We welcome the coast guard’s annual inspection, which helps us to keep the venerable Plover in tip-top condition for the safety of its many passengers and also for the proper stewardship of such an important icon from our maritime past,” Sturgill said.

The nonprofit maritime heritage organization, Drayton Harbor Maritime, restored the Plover in the mid-’90s.

The ferry became subject to USCG inspections in order to become a  passenger vessel.

The Plover carries passengers during the summer. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, the Plover transported 7,422 passengers, Sturgill said.

The Plover conducted its last scheduled trip on Labor Day weekend. It will remain in the water for winter and start again Memorial Day weekend next year.

After the inspection, Sturgill said the ferry “passed with flying colors,” and had just a few minor things to fix up for next year. To learn more about the historic Plover ferry, visit

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