Letter to the editor: September 15-21

The Editor:
I happen to agree with letter to the editor writer Jim Agnello and also wish to thank The Northern Light for publishing our feelings toward the border guards on the American side of the border.
I have lived in Blaine for over 30 years and for the last eight years worked in package receiving for our Canadian neighbors and have heard countless stories of the shakedown procedures that are given at the drop of a hat, for whatever reason they want! Oh, and let’s not even smile as that might be an admission of some sort of guilt.
Far too much authority has been given to these rude and obnoxious thugs who think that because they have a uniform that they can do anything they want to do, in whatever way they deem fit to do it. I am certain that I along with so many others would just as soon never cross that border because when we return were treated like murderous or thieving criminals.
The likelihood is that these letters will not do a thing except antagonize the small minded, short man syndrome border officers that behave like they do, but I do have an idea for them … maybe buy a bigger truck with really, really large tires and rims and then the rest of your person may not feel so small.
Brian Major

The Editor:
Now I understand what “The Donald” means when he says that his business experience will equip him to be president. Trump has apparently found a way to save campaign money by ripping off three little girls who performed at a couple of campaign events in Florida.
This follows reports he ripped off contractors working on his Atlantic City casino project and didn’t pay illegal Polish immigrants working on one of his buildings in New York City.
This reveals how he plans to pay for the substantial expansion of the U.S. Navy fleet.
He will have the ships built and then not pay for them. He will also have “The Wall” built and then refer the contractor to Mexico when he wants to be paid. Brilliant!
Talk about saving American taxpayers money. Think about all the new highways and bridges we are going to get for free! To hijack a slogan, and this is going to shock my family and friends, “I’m for him.”
Jim Thomson
Birch Bay

The Editor:
As a Canadian citizen who travels frequently to Birch Bay to enjoy the many attributes of the area and surrounding communities, I have to take exception with the letter to the editor about the border crossings and the “abuses of power” by the federal employees of the U.S. border service.
I have run into one or two officers who seemed less than cordial on the odd occasion, but out of at least 500 crossings in 16 years that is less than 1 percent – a most enviable record for a service that keeps our countries safe.
People traveling to other countries should keep in mind that it is a privilege, not a right to visit.
Gordon A. Campbell
Maple Ridge, B.C.

The Editor:
The first Little Free Library of the plan to bring a branch library to Birch Bay has been installed at the Birch Bay Visitors’ Center. It was built by Paul Angell and Jonny Wood, finished and decorated by Bud Reum and Marge Berke.
It represents the first step in the plan to ultimately have a full service, permanent branch of the Whatcom County Library System in this community.
The group responsible for this effort is the library committee of the Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce, which meets on the fourth Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. at the visitors center, 7900 Birch Bay Drive.
All interested residents are welcome to attend. Please RSVP to birchbaycommunitylibrary@gmail.com.
Ruth Higgins
Birch Bay
The Editor:
In an election season muddled with candidates’ slander and idealistic grandstanding, I am relieved to cast my ballot for an upstanding candidate I know I can count on and am confident that her word is her pledge.
Representative Luanne Van Werven is a champion of higher education, K-12 education, farming and keeping livable wages here in Whatcom County.
She cares about relevant issues, and she’s more than an idealist. In my experience with Van Werven, she has been a heavy lifter for our community, a motivator, a leader – not one to simply “talk the talk.”
Our entire household gladly will vote to send Luanne Van Werven back to Olympia to continue working on behalf of us in the 42nd district.
Christina Boyd

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