Letter to the editor: September 8-14

The Editor:

Thank you to The Northern Light and Pat Grubb for writing and publishing the article in the September 1 edition of your paper about the abuses of power being committed by federal employees at our borders.

For years now we’ve heard about this kind of harassment happening in our backyard by people who are being paid to protect and serve. That’s some kind of protection and service you’re providing homeland security.

If you worked in the public sector and treated people that way you would be fired immediately. If it’s true that using gestapo tactics is a way for agents to get promoted, then the whole agency should be shut down and all our borders made open. I’d rather take my chances with a free flow of drugs, illegal immigrants and Islamic terrorists into the country than to be protected from them by a bunch of American thugs.

Jim Agnello

Birch Bay

  1. Jim, I often agree with you, but not this time. The article was biased and one-sided. Mr. Grubb took full advantage of the fact that CBP officers are prohibited from defending themselves in the public arena. It was so from “fair and balanced” that I’m surprised FOX news didn’t pick it up and run with it. Remember: Don’t believe everything you read in the newspaper.


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