Blaine police report a slight increase in theft


Illustration by Doug De Visser.

By Sarah Sharp

Blaine experienced a slight increase in the number of vehicle prowls reported in July, said Lisa Moeller, press secretary for the Blaine Police Department.

All reported larcenies in Blaine totaled 30 in July, compared to seven in April, 11 in May and 13 in June, according to the police. Two strings of vehicle prowls occurred on the nights of July 26 and July 28 in the Salishan neighborhood and a gated community near Semiahmoo Resort, Moeller said. While prowls occurring on the same night could suggest the same suspect, no evidence backs that speculation, Moeller said.

The number of vehicle prowls in July 2015 was nearly identical compared to July 2016, and the total for both years averaged out to be almost the same, she said.

“The fact that the numbers over time are fairly average, they are kind of unremarkable in that way,” she said.

However, it’s important for Blaine residents to be cognizant of how they leave their vehicles on the street, especially at night when vehicle prowls and theft are most likely to occur. Most often, prowled cars were left unlocked, Moeller said.

She recommends locking car doors and placing small, attractive items, such as cash, purses and phones, out of sight from potential thieves, she said.

“Typically if a vehicle is locked, unless there’s something really attractive in the vehicle, they’ll just move on to another vehicle because they’re just looking for quick, easy change or car stereos,” Moeller said. “Generally, they’re not wanting to make a lot of noise so they don’t want to break a window.”

To report a theft or vehicle prowl, contact the Blaine Police Department at 360/332-6769.

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