Letters to the editor: August 25-1

The Editor:

A call to anyone who worked at Blaine Air Force Station: There is to be the first ever reunion on the September 17. For information, go online to uneeda-audio.com/757th/ or call me, Jim Zell at 360/739-1028. You may buy a baseball hat I designed for the 757th across the street from the Washington Federal Bank.

Jim Zell


The Editor:

Hillary can’t be trusted on the TPP because of her husband’s NAFTA? President Reagan spoke of an Americas Trading Pact during his campaign for 1980. It took lobbyists three presidencies to finally get it passed. It was not President Clinton’s plan.

When Hillary started working on health care as First Lady, big pharmaceutical and medical insurance lobbyists started negative campaigns against her.

Citizens United only exacerbates bad press for sale and fractured journalism. Now the very insurance companies who endorsed private, for profit insurance are pulling out of Affordable Care Act plans because they do not want to cover sick people: some of the same corporations who have “baggaged” Hillary’s reputation for 30 years.

Trump’s six bankruptcies left workers and contractors broke. “Donations” never made, imported merchandise with his name and his bleak opinion of our country are facts, not propaganda. The Associated Press reported Trump’s anger because the GOP diverted money from the presidential campaign to senatorial and legislative candidates, yet he says, “I don’t need any help from anyone because I am rich!” Inconsistencies?

Thank goodness for what is left of investigative reporting. But how can one tell what is reporting and what is propaganda? Reason and your own investigation from mixed media resources!

Donna Starr


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