Blaine Harbor repairs expected to wrap up for 2016 fishing season

By Stefanie Donahue

During an August 16 meeting, Port of Bellingham commissioners approved $74,264 in funding for three improvement projects taking place in Blaine Harbor.

Sawtooth dock, east of the Westman Marine building, as well as two docks located in the industrial area are currently under construction.

Due to the dilapidated condition of each dock, access of use is limited.

In March, commissioners agreed to allocate $285,000 for structural repairs to the sawtooth dock. To date, improvement projects at sawtooth, as well as the north and south piers opposite the harbor entrance, have been dedicated to out-of-water repair.

With this next round of funding, project staff will conclude repairs below water and open the piers for partial use.

Port of Bellingham spokesman Mike Hogan said the sawtooth dock is expected to open by the end of August. Both the north and south piers should open by the end of September with load restrictions.

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