Letters to the editor: August 18-25

The Editor:

Sorry, Jeremy Lott, but you probably chose to live by the ocean. Gulls happen to be part of the deal like the stink of seal poop and the bloody fish parts dropped on our boats by eagles. Life can be messy. Wear a washable hat. Gulls are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918. The marinas have tried various methods to scare the birds off without much success. The only method that I have seen work is a resident Bald Eagle.

Sonia Hurt

The Editor:

We recently visited Blaine and very much enjoyed your community and business district. While there we heard mention of the possibility of an Amtrak station opening there and want to say we think it would make your city even nicer, and it would make going into B.C. faster and easier for people as well as a great boost to your local economy.

Thank you for the nice visit.

Scott and Nancy Hubbell
Inverness, FL

The Editor:

Wasn’t the Drayton Harbor Days celebration great! We had tall ships, pirates, raft races, steam boats and great family fun. We would like to thank our major sponsors: Port of Bellingham – Blaine Harbor, Drayton Harbor Maritime, Paso Del Norte Mexican Restaurant, Blaine Birch Bay Parks and Recreation and city of Blaine.

In addition we thank those local merchants who donated prizes and we especially appreciate Totally Chocolate for providing such great volunteers. If anyone is interested in helping to plan next year’s event or in volunteering, contact the chamber office.

Carroll Solomon
Blaine Chamber of Commerce
Drayton Harbor Days Committee

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