Blaine Police reports, August 5-16

August 5, 10:50 p.m.: Police were dispatched to a report of an alarm sounding at Blaine Elementary School. An officer and fire personnel arrived and diagnosed the problem to be an activated water flow alarm. It was false and no flood was in progress. Sorry kids, but school will start on time. Parents: you’re welcome.

August 6, 7 a.m.: While on patrol officers observed a vehicle speeding on Yew Street. They attempted to stop the car, but its driver tried to elude the police car by ignoring the lights and siren, speeding even faster, and passing other cars. The vehicle finally stopped on Peace Portal Drive over a mile later. The driver said he did not have a license and was late getting to work. The 18-year-old was arrested for attempting to elude and booked into jail.

August 7, 11 p.m.: While on routine patrol in a neighborhood late at night an angry man began shouting at the officers and approached their vehicle. The man made quite a scene by yelling profanities at the officers. The man was repeatedly instructed to step back from the vehicle. In an effort to diffuse the situation, the officers attempted to drive away, but the intoxicated man slammed the top of the patrol vehicle. After the officers exited the vehicle, the man intentionally spit on one of them in the face. He was ultimately provided a ride in the vehicle he had attempted to damage and was booked into Whatcom County Jail.

August 9, 4 p.m.: A person reported leaving a valuable Martin acoustic guitar in Marine Park. As soon as he realized his mistake he went back to get it, but it was already gone. The sorrowful strummer is hopeful a Good Samaritan will turn it in to the police, as it has deep sentimental value.

August 10, 3:20 p.m.: An elderly woman called to request assistance, because her smoke alarms would not stop chirping due to their low battery life. The woman lives alone and has no family in the area, and was unable to reach the smoke alarms. Officers responded and took care of the maintenance of the safety equipment.

August 12, 10:50 p.m.: An officer on patrol downtown observed the passenger door of a company truck standing open in a business parking lot after hours, and spotlit the vehicle. The four startled prowlers inside flowed in different directions for cover. They escaped the scene, leaving behind most of the box of cat chow which they had been feasting on in the front seat. It appears the food was left for feral felines rather than the raccoon family that found it.

August 15, 2:08 p.m.: While on routine patrol an officer was flagged down and told there were some people at the public boat launch having trouble getting their boat out of the water. Officers contacted the men who said they were attempting to leave but had forgotten to put the plug in the boat. When the deck transformed into a lake they realized their error, but by then the boat was too heavy to pull back onto the trailer. With the help of the harbormaster’s office, officers were able to contact boat owners to assist with pumping the water from the bilge, saving the men from having to contact their insurance company to see if they were covered for self-sinkage.

August 16, 2 p.m.: A man came into the police department to report a 10-foot row boat had been stolen from his yard. In talking with the victim the officer learned the boat could have been stolen anytime between the current day and two years ago. The boat was stored in the far back of his yard near the alley and out of view from his daily routine.

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