Three surveys released to gather public comment for city initiative

By Stefanie Donahue

Blaine residents are invited to take part in a three-piece public survey, addressing topics related to the public library, tourism and the local economy.

The surveys were released in conjunction with the development of the city council’s strategic economic initiative, which will eventually outline a series of development goals and projects throughout the city.

The city will compile the results of each survey into a report, which will later be on display and up for discussion at a series of public meetings. As a last step, the city will conduct one final survey to measure public sentiment. Results will be used to form a financial and strategic plan for Blaine’s future economic development.

The survey can be completed online or through the mail. To take the survey online, please visit Each survey is listed under the “News Flash” tab.

For those interested in completing the survey by hand, paper copies can be found at Blaine City Hall, the Blaine Library or the Blaine Visitor Information Center. The city is offering a $250 gift certificate to one individual at random once the survey is complete. Valid contact information is required to win the prize.

For more information, please contact Blaine city manager Dave Wilbrecht by calling 360/332-8311 or emailing

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