Letters to the editor, August 4-11

The Editor:

To all those looking for accountability from our elected representatives in regards to taxpayer money spent on Trump, or anything else for that matter, or expecting an answer from arrogant Doug Ericksen, have you ever been to a town hall meeting or met any of these people?

The last one I attended, Ericksen opened by telling us all he did not want to discuss divisive social issues. Then with a wink and a nod to some folks in the front row he stated, “Of course I am pro-life and believe in marriage between one man and
one woman.”

Oh, and his lackey will hold the microphone if you get picked to ask a question. Oh, that doesn’t happen anymore because Ericksen got asked questions he didn’t want to or couldn’t answer. Now you must submit your questions to a moderator to be screened. If Ericksen doesn’t like the question, it won’t get asked. I would like to know why we have the second highest gas tax in the nation yet rank 42 out of 50 states for worst roads and bridges?

How ironic that our legislators are all in contempt of court, get nothing done except raise tolls, taxes and fees, take no responsibility and then come to meet the people who hired and pay them and now they can set the rules and run the show!

They do not want to hear what we the people have to say. They just want to tell us what they think and blame the other guy for mistakes, cost overruns and nothing getting done. There is no other guy on our ballot.

All three of this district’s elected representatives have an (R) behind their name, a party led by a man who advocates torture and banning a religion and has no accountability, i.e. five-time draft dodger, four bankruptcies, three wives, no tax returns and no plans. These people support this guy and the party he represents, their party. They are all on the ballot this fall.

For those who voted these people into office and are unhappy with their performance and attitude, you can redeem yourselves and vote them out. To all those who don’t vote and are unhappy, get registered and vote them out.

Brian Wiederspohn


The Editor:

When I buy a car that is not as advertised, it’s called bait and switch. Sometimes our elected Republican officials have been “bait and switch” candidates. They should rethink their positions to bring them more into alignment with those promised conservative principals they espoused at election time.

Those conservatives we have voted to public office, who are true to their conservative ideals and stated agendas, should be supported.

Candidates such as our Washington State House of Representatives Luanne Van Werven and Vincent Buys are running for reelection in the 42nd district.  Both have proven records of keeping their campaign promises. Both deserve our support and our votes.

Susan Blondell Kaplan


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