Candidates speak to voters in district 42

The Northern Light reached out to all candidates running for positions within Washington’s 42nd legislative district and asked: Why should members of the Blaine, Birch Bay, Custer and Point Roberts communities vote for you this election? This year, eight candidates are running for state representative positions within the district. Six responded to our inquiry. Candidates for position 2, Jerry Burns and Tracy Atwood, did not respond to our request.

Remember, primary election day is Tuesday, August 2. Ballots are due by 8 p.m. on election day and can be mailed as late as Friday, July 29.

State Representative – District 42, Position 1 (Partisan office, two-year term)LuanneVanWerven

Luanne Van Werven (prefers Republican Party)

Two years ago when I was elected as your state representative, I promised to take our Whatcom County values to Olympia. Values that are key to a meaningful quality of life: improving schools, keeping neighborhoods safe and protecting our farms and local jobs.

We have made historic strides in education funding but it is imperative that we reform our education system so every student can reach their full potential.

I can assure you that I will continue to fight to reach our ultimate goal and paramount duty – to provide every child with a quality education in Whatcom County schools.

The health of our environment is important to me and I was pleased the recent budget included $900,000 for cleanup activity at the Blaine waterfront.

It was, however, a major disappointment that I-5 Exit 274 interchange was not funded in the transportation budget but I will work with Blaine city leaders and the House transportation committee to prioritize this project for the 42nd District.

I am honored to represent the Blaine, Birch Bay, Custer and Point Roberts communities as one of your representatives. We have more to do and with your vote, I’ll continue fighting for our Whatcom values.

Jacob Lamont (prefers Libertarian Party)JacobLamont

As a husband, father and a small business owner in Blaine, I know that there is a better way to govern than the two-party politics-as-usual that we have seen for far too long. I believe that citizens should be listened to and actively direct their representatives, rather than have their needs dictated to them by politicians who often serve personal and corporate agendas. I want to bring self-responsibility, transparency and true citizen-based representation back to the state’s legislature.

I am passionate about individual liberty and rights and believe that government is most legitimate when it shields individual rights from political and corporate privilege. That is why, if elected, I will immediately introduce the Mono Bill Act and the Read the Bill Act, both of which will impose transparency and accountability on the lawmakers in Olympia.

I also promise to lead by example by recording and making available to the public all meetings, correspondence and requests that take place within my elected office. I hope to inspire the citizens of the 42nd district to find their voice, become engaged and co-create a government for the people, by the people.

Sharlaine LaClair (prefers Democratic Party)

SharlainLaClairI would like to thank Whatcom County residents for considering electing me as your next Washington state representative. My family has lived and worked on the lands and waterways of Whatcom County for many generations, instilling a strong work ethic and responsibility to give back.  I have earned a Master’s degree while working full-time to provide for my son while serving on commissions and boards to bring community voices and values to the decision-making table.

I believe that our taxpayers and citizens expect elected representatives fight to ensure equitable access to public resources to protect the health and vitality of our communities. To me, this means fighting for fair living wage jobs and supporting job creation for businesses that are socially and environmentally responsible. It means funding high-quality early learning, K–12 public school education as well as vocational and higher education that is affordable and accessible to all people – without cutting critical social services to vulnerable families.

It means fighting to ensure our elders and veterans are well taken care of and that we keep our promises to them. It means that we support healthy food production while protecting our environment so that future generations can continue their family legacy as harvesters of the land and sea. I believe in Whatcom County’s values, and will be a strong voice in Olympia working together with others to bring about important systems change and necessary resources to uphold our unique way of life here in Northwest Washington.

Doug Karlberg (states no party preference)DougKarlberg

If you are satisfied with politics as usual, partisan bickering and gridlock, I’m not your candidate. However, if you want common sense politics with honesty, integrity and transparency, then I am your candidate. I’m an Independent so I can work for the best solutions, not a party line.I have worked all my life in the blue-collar jobs that built Whatcom County: farming, fishing and construction. I grew up in the 42nd District, and graduated from Bellingham High School, am the father of three grown daughters and now live with my partner in Lynden. My goals for the legislature are:

• Restore trust in government through transparency and getting big money out of politics.

• Produce the best educated workforce in the nation.

• Negotiate an equitable solution to conflicts over water rights for the benefit of farms, fish and people.

• Rebuild our roads, bridges and other infrastructure that our economy depends on, with jobs that can’t be outsourced.

• Honor our commitments to Native Americans.

• Fight climate change by unleashing the innovative power of Washington businesses.

• Create fair rules, including taxes, for an economy that works for everyone.

I would be honored to have your vote.

State Representative – District 42, Position 2 (Partisan office, two-year term)

Vincent Buys (prefers Republican Party)

Vincent-BuysOne of my primary goals in Olympia is to protect our way of life here in the county. A key component of this is maintaining and growing our family wage jobs base, along with the educational pathways to obtaining those jobs. Recently we did just that as we worked to pass legislation protecting jobs at Cherry Point, particularly Intalco, as well as the state’s first-ever reduction in higher education tuition, providing our working families and college students immediate financial relief.

I was chosen three years ago to lead my caucus as the ranking member of the House Agriculture and Natural Resources committee. I am committed to protecting our rural agriculture economy by promoting responsible stewardship of our vast and abundant resources; keeping our fishing, forests and farms working.

It is also vital our state protect our public safety. To this end, I passed our state’s first law criminalizing “revenge porn,” finally giving victims of this form of sexual abuse legal recourse.

While these are just a few examples, it has been an honor serving the communities of Whatcom County these past six years and I hope I have earned your continued support and vote this year.

Dale Dickson (prefers Independent Party)

My name is Dale Dickson and I am running as a Progressive Independent for Washington State Representative, 42nd District,DaleDickson Position 2. I have lived and worked in Whatcom County my entire life – I know my district.

My work career has included directly working, servicing contracts and volunteering in Blaine, Birch Bay, Point Roberts, Custer, Sumas, Lynden, Ferndale, Bellingham, Kendall, Maple Falls and Nooksack and Lummi nations.

I grew up on a dairy farm near Everson; I went through school in the Meridian school district, received my AAS from Whatcom Community College and completed my BA at Western Washington University.

I have the skills and experiences to listen to, and act on, the concerns of constituents as we work together toward solutions.

Whatcom County faces many challenges – creating more and better jobs, preparing our children academically for the 21st Century, providing a clean and safe environment, promoting renewable energy and managing population growth so that our agricultural lands remain viable and economically stable.

These are not simple challenges – my purpose in running for state representative is to engage our community in discussion and problem-solving forums where we can move forward into a prosperous, healthy and sustainable future.

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