Letters to the editor, July 21-28

The Editor:

Can you believe it’s mid-July and the 2016-2017 school year is on the horizon?

Keep your eyes out for some deals, as stores are starting to have their school supply sales and the family service center would benefit greatly from donations of school supplies to ensure all the students in need who qualify are provided with supplies.

The Blaine school district family service center is already anticipating an increase this year in the number of low-income and homeless students that will be provided with school supplies and backpacks.

The Blaine school district family service center serves low-income (on free or reduced lunch) and homeless students who attend Blaine schools. The service center provides many direct services, and one of the largest is school supplies that are provided to students in need.

Last year more than 300 low-income students were provided with basic school supplies during the first few days of school.

Supplies that are desperately needed this year are: glue sticks, spiral notebooks (both wide- and college-ruled), pencil pouches, pencil boxes, highlighters, six- or eight-tab dividers (for three-ring binders), scissors, markers (thick or thin) and backpacks – lots and lots of backpacks.

Although these are the supplies that are in the greatest need now, we gladly will accept any and all school supply donations.

Donated supplies can be dropped off at the Blaine school district office, 765 H Street, during regular business hours, Monday–Friday 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

If you would like to donate money for supplies you can either drop it off at the district office or mail it to: Jessie Burton, Family Service Center, Blaine School District, 765 H Street, Blaine, WA 98230. All donations of goods and monies are tax deductible.

The school supply distribution for the 2016-2017 school year will be on Friday, August 26 from 9 to 11 a.m. at the family service center, located behind the old middle school gym, blue door is facing Blaine Elementary School.

Thanks so much! For more information please contact the family service center at jburton@webmail.blainesd.org.

Jessie Burton

Family Service Center

Blaine School District

The Editor:

It appears that either there was no publication for July 7–July 13 or our great Blaine post office failed to deliver that issue to my next-door neighbor and me.

A wonderful person and great golf coach, Roger D. Cook, passed away June 30. I went on The Northern Light website and searched the posted obituaries and did not find Roger’s. I then did a search on the Internet and found a terrific obituary for Roger published in The Bellingham Herald, so anyone interested can view it.

I was invited and attended his memorial services in Ferndale on July 9. Roger was honored by the local American Legion post and then an American flag was given to his wife, Kathy. The tributes from his numerous long-time friends then took place. All in all it was one of the best and most emotional memorial services I have had the honor to attend.

Although I cannot claim to be a long-time friend, Roger still remains loved by me and in my heart forever. His military and golf background only emphasize what a great and wonderful person he was and I am and was privileged to know him and call him my friend.

RIP Roger. I hope we meet in heaven and you can give me more golf tips and lessons. I hear God has a very nice golf course for us to use and enjoy. God insists that no scores be kept, just play for the enjoyment.

Mickey Masdeo

Birch Bay

The Editor:

Thank goodness the Fourth of July is over. Revelers were permitted to use fireworks in east Blaine for a total of 71 hours. And they did. Unfortunately for most of us, this meant upset pets and small children, interrupted sleep for those of us who work and an inability to enjoy any quiet time at home.

On July 4, numerous fun activities were scheduled: a traditional parade, community fireworks, breakfasts, picnics, art shows, special sales and an opportunity to get together with family and friends. Was this enough for most of us? Yes. For those who felt that fireworks should be available for 71 hours over five days, I guess it wasn’t. We listened to loud booms and the pop-pop-pop of firecrackers the entire time.

You can be sure we are not the only Blaine residents feeling this way. Who is cleaning up the mess left behind? The times that fireworks are permitted must be better regulated for 2017 and beyond. The Fourth of July is a one-day holiday, and that should be sufficient for all.

Elaine Rogers


The Editor:

Yes, another wonderful week of music: learning, taking chances, performing and then that feeling of success and confidence. For the students who attended, this was the 2016 Drayton Harbor Music Festival.

For the audiences, it was an opportunity to enjoy the award-winning Calidore String Quartet, the amazing Ellerhein Girls’ Choir from Estonia, three performances by our world-class music faculty, and the pleasure of watching our students display their talents on both Friday evening and Saturday afternoon. The ticket price for all of this? By donation!

Then our Thursday night fundraiser, the Big Band Benefit, came home to Blaine by rocking the roof at the new Blaine Pavilion.

We have been touched by the overwhelming response from the community this year, and are already making plans for 2017.

Thank you to everyone who supported the festival this year. Your generosity made this happen.

Kitty King

Pacific Arts Association

The Editor:

Anyone interested in the “rest of the story” regarding the Trump rally in Lynden should read Sandra Robson’s article on the Noisy Waters Northwest website, “Seeking information, seeking reimbursement.” It details the logistical scrambles forced on our public officials and the financial fallout from the event.

I was impressed with the straight-up answers provided by our public servants and others involved. The lone exception to the transparency demonstrated by the people Ms. Robson interviewed is the state Senator from Ferndale.

In response to her questioning the extent of his responsibility for bringing Trump to our county, Doug Ericksen’s curt and evasive denials illustrate his contempt for the citizens of Whatcom County.

The county had to spend a lot of our money dealing with “The Donald” ($130,000 and counting). Are we going to get paid back for the expenses incurred by Ericksen’s political stunt? Sandra Robson is asking a question we should all be asking the county council.

Mike Sennett


  1. Thank you, Mr. Sennett, for keeping this issue on a front burner. Making taxpayers pay for a partisan political rally should be illegal, but as long as politicians are writing the laws, it won’t be. At least Ms Robson got some kind of a response from Senator Ericksen. He (and Representative Buys) completely ignored my inquiry.


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