Letters to the editor, June 30 – July 6

The Editor:

I would like to publicly thank the Blaine Police Department (BPD) for being professional and courteous. Our house on H Street Road was broken into and robbed recently. The previous week our neighbor’s house had been robbed.

It was the police department that discovered their broken window on a routine inspection and called our neighbors home from their vacation. An officer  made a side trip to our house to warn us and to fill us in. Obviously he was correct in assuming that we might also be targeted.

We too had been away for several days and returned home to find a broken window lock from a forced entry. An officer promptly responded to our 911 call and fingerprinted, took pictures of suspects’ footprints and made a list of serial numbers from electronics and tools. He has returned to our property every day since to check on us and do further investigation.

Among things stolen was a stainless/chrome barbecue (quite unusual and stands out) that looks like the black Weber type. If you notice someone in your neighborhood has recently acquired a shiny one, please call and inform the BPD.

We experienced a similar robbery over 10 years ago in another state. Overall the small town police department has put to shame a much larger town police department.

And, hey folks, slow down on H Street Road. When an officer stops you and gives you a ticket, thank him for doing a great job. After all, he caught you.

And a final thought: I wonder how many more robberies of this type have occurred since we passed the marijuana initiative? Watch out. Lock up. And maybe buy a motion camera, like I have done.

Dan Defoe 


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