Blaine Police reports, June 7 – June 14

June 7, 1:10 a.m.: A resident called police to report that a stranger’s vehicle had been abandoned near his house on Clyde Street. Officers researched the ownership of the car, which bore only a temporary license plate, and tagged it with an impound notice. It was removed within 24 hours.

June 7, 1:45 a.m.: Police were asked to help a resident who reported he was locked out of his home. He explained that his wife was asleep inside but sleeping through his middle-of-the-night phone calls to her. The lady of the house did not respond to police attempts to contact either, and the officers suggested a couple of alternatives to the gentleman.

June 7, 8:43 a.m.: An officer stopped and cited a driver for speeding on Mitchell Street. Due to the circumstances surrounding the violation the officer also provided the Department of Licensing with a report recommending a review and possible drivers license re-examination for the elderly motorist.

June 7, 9 a.m.: Police were dispatched to Blaine Middle School after 911 received an emergency line hang-up call from the campus. Arriving officers found technicians were working on the phone system, and school staff confirmed there was no emergency.

June 7, 10:54 a.m.: A resident reported the loss of a border crossing ID card. The victim was provided an event case number regarding the incident.

June 7, 1:40 p.m.: Officers stopped a speeding vehicle and discovered the driver was also driving while license suspended. In addition to the speeding infraction the motorist was arrested and cited for the criminal license violation, and released with a mandatory court date. The vehicle was left legally parked and the driver was provided courtesy transportation to a spouse’s workplace in Blaine.

June 7, 12:40 p.m.: A victim reported suffering ongoing harassment by her estranged spouse. Police investigated, located and arrested the suspect. He was booked into jail for domestic violence stalking.

June 7, 2:55 p.m.: Employees at a store flagged down a passing officer to report that a teenager in their parking lot had just stolen an energy drink while inside their business. When contacted the juvenile admitted to taking the product from the store. After processing he was turned over to his case worker, and a criminal charging report was forwarded to the juvenile prosecutor’s office.

June 7, 3:30 p.m.: Police confirmed an outstanding Blaine warrant for the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO), which was in contact with the suspect. SCSO provided a locate transmittal on the person, and officers cleared the warrant from state law enforcement databases.

June 7, 7:50 p.m.: A motorist now out of state called police asking for assistance reporting a traffic collision he had been involved in on Boblett Street about an hour earlier. An officer interviewed the man by phone, initiated a case report and is following up on the incident.

June 7, 11:10 p.m.: Police were alerted to a late night 911 call from a cell phone in which an aggressive angry man could be heard yelling in the background. Dispatchers had to triangulate the approximate location on Bayview Avenue as no address information was given. Officers located the residence within minutes, and learned a vehicle driven by a man had just left the area. A person could be seen moving about inside the house but refused to answer the door. Investigation and follow-up continued into the following day, when both parties were contacted. Probable cause for an arrest was not established.

June 8, 8:26 a.m.: Officers stopped a vehicle for speeding on Peace Portal. They found the motorist was driving while suspended and also wanted on an arrest warrant issued by the district court. He was arrested and his vehicle was impounded. After processing his on the new offenses the Blaine officer transported him to St Joseph’s hospital ER where custody was transferred to a sheriff’s deputy for a fit for jail exam prior to booking on their warrant.

June 9, 12:28 a.m.: Police were dispatched to the Peace Arch port of entry for a suspended driver. An officer arrived and confirmed the suspension. The driver was arrested, cited and then released with a mandatory court date.

June 9, 3 p.m.: A police department in another state forwarded information to Blaine police regarding a child abuse crime which they learned had reportedly occurred in Blaine several years ago. An officer was assigned to identify and locate the parties involved, all of whom have since moved. He did, and investigated the report.

June 9, 9 p.m.: A 1989 Toyota was reported stolen from a business in Blaine in February, and on June 9 it was located abandoned near Grandview Road and Koehn Road in the county. The sheriff’s office advised they were unable to recover the vehicle as it was pinned in place by a large fallen tree. Apparently the thief was not inside. The victim owner was notified of the truck’s location, and the watch-for on it was removed from law enforcement databases.

June 10, 9:30 a.m.: Police were called when a high school student was found in possession of a knife on campus. The knife had been immediately secured by the faculty and had not been brandished but was definitely in violation of campus rules and possibly criminally illegal. An officer responded and met with the building manager, who found that one of their building’s users had brought a concealed edged weapon onto the property in violation of rules and policies. An officer met with the manager and others involved, and is investigating to determine if a criminal report to the prosecutor is warranted. The knife was impounded.

June 10, 1:30 p.m.: Managers at a store called police when a man who had been previously trespassed from their property returned and was spotted in the building. The suspect left before police officers arrived but multiple people identified him. A case report was completed for criminal trespass and forwarded to the prosecutor.

June 10, 4:14 p.m.: A restaurant customer asked to use their telephone to call police, and when connected to dispatch he reported that two people were trespassing on a property nearby while working on a motorcycle. An officer responded and contacted a young couple who were legally adjusting their bike’s baggage and belongings in an off-street open-space parking area. They related that they had been accosted earlier by a strange man who accused them of being shape-shifting trespassers and then wandered away. The man was no longer at the restaurant when officers checked there, and the couple returned to their motorcycle maintenance practice.

June 10, 4:34 p.m.: A couple used their cell phone to call police for assistance when a stranger approached them on street downtown and became verbally aggressive. The accoster left almost immediately but the callers pointed out the suspect and an officer contacted him on the sidewalk at Peace Portal at Clark Street. The man was interviewed and presented as having a viewpoint on appropriate behavior that conflicted with the law. He was advised that acting on his unique interpretation of reality again in a similar manner would result in his arrest. He left the area on foot and no other calls were received.

June 10, 5:30 p.m.: Blaine police and North Whatcom Fire and Rescue provided a uniformed presence, security, parking advise, area patrols and applause at the Blaine School District campus during their high school graduation ceremony. The many hundreds of attendees had a great time and no problems were encountered.

June 10, 6:45 p.m.: A resident near 4th and D Street reported that a vehicle parked at their home had been prowled overnight. Sunglasses and change had been stolen from the unlocked auto, which had been parked on their property near the east-west alley just south of D Street. Another resident in the neighborhood also suffered a theft from their property adjacent to the alley. An extra patrol request for the area was posted to all officers.

June 10, 6:50 p.m.: Police contacted a residence to check on the welfare of a juvenile staying there, at the request of an out-of-state family member. The homeowner advised the arriving officer that the person making the request was using the welfare check as a ploy for harassment and as a means to coopt a court-ordered parenting plan. A case report on the homeowner’s complaint was initiated and an investigation started for review by the prosecutor.

June 10, 8:32 p.m.: Officer was dispatched to the Peace Arch port of entry in reference to a person driving with a suspended driver’s license. Officer arrived and confirmed the person was driving with a suspended driver’s license. The driver was arrested and released with a court date.

June 10, 7:40 p.m.: A woman who had traveled from Virginia came to the police department to report her vehicle had been stolen. According to the woman she had tried to report her vehicle stolen in Kirkland where the car went missing. Apparently she was not able to report the car stolen so she took a taxi to the Peace Arch crossing where she attempted to go to Canada. Sadly, the woman was not allowed to enter Canada because she had no passport. An officer gave the woman a courtesy ride to a hotel.

June 10, 9:44 p.m.: Police were dispatched to a report that a suicidal man had cut his throat in a residence. Officers arrived and confirmed the information. They informed the still conscious victim that despite his own inebriated estimate, duct tape and sleep was not going to solve the serious problem at hand. Officers and a medical team from North Whatcom Fire and Rescue tended to the man and his housemates, and the victim was transported to hospital for treatment and counseling.

June 11, 3:30 p.m.: Officers observed vehicles commercially stored on property in a manner possibly out of compliance with the community’s business and zoning regulations. Information was compiled and forwarded to the pertinent city departments for their review and action as appropriate.

June 11, 7:15 p.m.: Police were dispatched to a report that a man had attacked two people on Marine Drive. While officers were en route they were advised the suspect had fled the scene in a car. The vehicle’s license plate led police to the owner’s home on C Street, and they determined the suspect was hiding in the house. Border Patrol units set up a perimeter in the area and other Blaine officers were called in to assist. Police negotiated with the suspect via loudspeaker and he eventually surrendered peacefully. He was arrested, processed and booked into jail for two counts of assault and an outstanding arrest warrant issued by the state department of corrections.

June 11, 7:44 p.m.: A resident called police to request extra patrols in her neighborhood, fearing friends of a relative may burglarize her home while she is gone at work. The reporting party believes the people are drug users who frequently come to area for food and money.

June 12, 11:10 a.m.: A woman staying at a Blaine motel called police dispatch to report a noise complaint. While officers were talking with the woman they learned there was a verbal argument with management. The manager on duty requested the woman be allowed to get her belongings and be trespassed from the motel.

June 12, 12:16 p.m.: A victim came to the police department to report being assaulted and threatened several days earlier. The suspect has left the area to an unknown location. An officer investigated and established probable cause to arrest the suspect for domestic violence assault when he is located.

June 12, 1:06 p.m.: An officer was dispatched to the Peace Arch port of entry for a possible violation of a no contact order. The officer arrived, and although a violation appears to have occurred, there are two conflicting orders making it plausible the person(s) involved were not trying to actually violate the order. The officer documented the incident and will forward the report to the appropriate court in King County in case they need to modify one of the orders and to be made aware a possible violation occurred.

June 12, 1:30 p.m.: A Blaine business called police dispatch to report a customer had a counterfeit US $20 bill. The bill was kept by the business and the customer paid with another bill. The customer left a name and phone number and left the store before police arrived. The officer collected the counterfeit bill and learned the name and phone number provided was also counterfeit. The bill was sent to US Secret Service.

June 12, 2:04 p.m.: An employee at a Blaine business called police dispatch to report trouble with a customer. The officer arrived and spoke with the employee who reported a truck driver refused to leave the parking lot with his truck/trailer for the past 20 minutes. The employee decided to utilize a king pin lock on the trailer, preventing it from being moved. The officer explained to the employee that it is difficult for the customer to leave the parking lot if she is preventing him from doing so. The lock was removed and the truck driver moved his truck off the property.

June 13, 11:07 a.m.: Police were dispatched to a service station where a man had called to report that he was being followed. The arriving officer recognized the man from an earlier similar call that morning where he reported being followed by unseen people he called “gigolos hiding in bushes.” As the officer was interviewing him this time the man started to brandish a knife, either to defend himself against the invisible people or attack the officer. He was immediately disarmed, taken into protective custody and transported by police to hospital for evaluation and treatment for his delusions.

June 13, 12:11 p.m.: A passerby called to report finding litter and vandalism to a bench in a city park. An officer responded and found that the litter and graffiti had already been repaired. There are no known suspects at this time.

June 14, 12:38 p.m.: A person contacted the Blaine Police Department to report a no-contact order violation had occurred. Officers contacted the witness and protected party and confirmed a violation occurred via telephone. There is probable cause to arrest the suspect, who is being sought.

June 14, 2:30 p.m.: An officer was dispatched to the 1000 block of Yew Ave. for a non-injury, non-blocking collision. An officer arrived and determined the collision occurred because of one commercial vehicle illegally parked in the road while the other commercial vehicle did not have room to pass, but tried anyway. Both received very minimal damage but the cargo on the illegally parked vehicle’s damage, although minimal would most likely cost to repair over the reportable damage threshold. The officer completed a collision report, took photographs and helped the two drivers exchange information.

June 14, 3:31 p.m.: Police responded to the 300 block of H Street where an upset man was walking in the street yelling at pedestrians and passing cars. Officers arrived and calmed the gentleman, who had gone back onto the sidewalk. He agreed he was well enough to control his outbursts and promised to stay out of the roadway.

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