BHS Evening of the Arts Awards

Photos by Oliver Lazenby

Kristina Pluschakov’s senior display won second place.

Kristina Pluschakov’s senior display won second place.

Chloe Foster took home third place for her senior display.

Chloe Foster took home third place for her senior display.

Dacia Blanco took home first place for her senior display.

Dacia Blanco took home first place for her senior display.

The Arts

Teacher: Brian Smith

Negative Space Drawing:

1: Alexa Ayala, “Bubbly Wild”; 2: Daizy Dehnke, “Chlorophyll”; 3: Jessica Philips, “Eternal Cove”

Contour Drawing:

1: Daizy Dehnke, “Chamomile”; 2: Jessica Philips, “Organized Chaos”; 3: Kyland Robbins, “Flight Into Death”


1: Jessica Philips, “Patience”; 2: Brittany Newton, “Glooming Blooming”; 3: Kaila Crookes, “Unfinished Floral”


1: Daizy Dehnke, “Decay”;2: Patrick Monogue, “In Power, Not Power”; 3: Jacquelyn Mendoza, “Spooky”


1: Allie Shattuck, “A Child’s Dream”; 2: Jedely Velasquez, “J”; 3: Lily Vaughan, “Behind My Halo”


1: Lauren Kordas, “Fresh or Crispy”; 2: Nohe Labuanan, “Nature’s Revenge”; 3: Holly Coyle, “Crows and Roses”


1: Kyrsten Morrow, “Cost Boy”; 2: Daizy Dehnke, “Rust”; 3: Mika Kawasaki, “Stand Out”

Still Life:

1: Daizy Dehnke, “Sandia”; 2: Jacquelyn Mendoza, “Spooky”; 3: Eli Davidson, “Buried in the Garden”


1: Kalia Crookes, “Dogfish Legend”; 2: Isaac Smith, “The Story of Sealion”; 3: Gracelyn Economy, “Emotionless”


1: Robert Allison, “P6”; 2: Tayah Tryon, “Call of the Wild”; 3: Denton Morin, “Red Eye”


1: Tim Savchuk, “Round Box Flora Impressions”; 2: Jaden Seitz, “Bull Skull”; 3: Isaac Smith, “Layered Pyramid”


1: Sherry Agnello, “Under the Rainbow”; 2: Alexa Ayela, untitled; 3: Cameryn Andrews, “Good in the Bad, Bad in the Good”

Pottery Wheel:

1: Nohe Labuanan, “The Foolish Lead the Blind”; 2: Gracelyn Economy, “Rocky & Fallen”; 3: Gracelyn Economy, “Oceans Eye”


1: Ben Fletcher, “Slab Box Paradox”; 2: Jacquelyn Mendoza, “Mossy Cloud”; 3: Nohe Labuanan, “Hidden Color”


1: Brittany Newton, “Dragon Tales”; 2: Lauren Kordas, untitled; 3: Allie Shattuck, untitled

Juror’s Choice

Dan Delong: Lauren Kordas, “The T Tree”;

Vernan Leibrant: AJ Popio, “Life in the Fallout”;

Tony Gonzalez: Isaac Smith, “Call of the Forest”

June Martsolf: Lauren Kordas, “Snowy Dawn”

Best of Show (Jurors Vote): Allie Shattuck, “Where’s all the Dishes” Teacher’s Choice: Emma Welter, “Life is Sweet/Sour”

Blaine Fine Arts Association: Lauren Kordas, “Little Angel”

Most Inspirational (Student Vote): Lauren Kordas

Concert Band

Teacher: Bob Gray

Inspirational Awards: Sawyere Hendricks, Nathan Meaker, Greg Arps.

Directors Award: Sawyere

Director’s Award: Kolby Shea

Chamber Choir

Teacher: Andy Harmening

Outstanding male soloists: Aaron McInnis, Nathan Smith.

Outstanding Female Soloist: Alyssa Lopez.

Most Inspirational: Nathan Smith.

Director’s Award: Spenser Dodge.

Concert Choir

Outstanding Male Soloist: George Cheatham.

Outstanding Female Soloist: Beth Feathers.

Most Inspirational: George Cheatham.

Director’s Award: Jordan

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