Letters to the editor, June 2 – June 9

The Editor:

I want you to know how unhappy I am with the way the city has handled themselves with the “improvements” done on Vista Terrace. The work is sub-par at best. We have drain issues along with a sink hole and puddling problems that we didn’t have before, and frankly, the road just looks bad.

The city has placed a $15,705 lien on my property and gave me nothing in return. I have a working and approved septic system and now a road that looks like a bunch of school kids did the work and $15,705 less equity.

If I have my way, not a single one of the councilmembers will be on council next cycle and I would never give my recommendation to anyone who is looking to buy in Blaine. I know you do not care, I just wanted to give you my two cents worth.

Travis Siebol


The Editor:

Thanks to the city of Blaine for a hugely successful Springfest 2016. As the inaugural event for the new Blaine Community Pavilion, Blaine Harbor Art Gallery presented over 20 artists who proudly displayed and sold their work. On the weekend of May 20, 500 guests shopped and enjoyed art and live music there. Our community is so very fortunate to have this wonderful multi-use facility.

Georgia Donovan, on behalf of Blaine Harbor Art Gallery


The Editor:

A big round of applause and sincere thanks to all the incredible volunteers who helped to make our fundraiser for The Puppy Rescue Mission, soldiers saving puppies, puppies saving soldiers a huge success. I had less than two months to pull this off and without all your hard work, this event would not have been possible. The newspaper does not allow me to name you all; however, we all know who the volunteers were and I am so grateful. You all worked tirelessly, and look what we accomplished!

I want to thank everyone from The Puppy Rescue Mission family for attending, enduring over six-hour drives each way. You shared your stories and incredible kuchi dogs, Ammo, Kunar, Odin, Mary and Nite.

Thank you, Hailey and Erik, for walking into my store in March and introducing me to this phenomenal organization.

Thank you to all the incredible businesses that donated so much. I wish I could name you by name but policy of the paper does not allow that. I have all your names prominently posted as you walk into my shop and I heartily recommend that people shop, dine and use the services of these wonderful companies.

Finally, I want to say thanks to the incredible community I call home. You opened up your hearts and supported this cause from the start. Give yourselves a round of applause.

Due to all your generosity, I was able to pay the rescue fees for four pups. On May 17, two of these pups landed in the U.S.A. from Afghanistan and are now out of harm’s way. They are being placed in New Jersey. Another pup is on the way to Juneau, Alaska to be reunited with his soldier, and finally one more pup will be leaving Jordan to be reunited with her Airman in Virginia.

The goal was to hopefully save at least two puppies and we were able to save four – how incredible is that?

Heather Campbell

Bow Wow and Woofs

The Editor:

It is an honor to be finishing my first year teaching in the Blaine school district. I am continually impressed with this amazing community, as well as the students and their families who call it home. An organization that has stood out to me, in its tireless devotion to both our students and teachers, is the Blaine Middle School PTSO.

Through their hard work and dedication in fundraising this year, the PTSO has sponsored multiple student activities, including several popular dances. They purchased a new projector system for our cafeteria, allowing students to view announcements and celebrations during lunch. Recently, they purchased new Chromebooks for our library.

Moreover, the PTSO coordinates volunteers and provides teachers support for classroom supplies. Their contributions to our school and community are endless, and will benefit BMS for years to come. Thank you Blaine Middle School PTSO, for helping our youth become the leaders of tomorrow.

Julie Creager

Sixth Grade Teacher at Blaine Middle School

The Editor:

This is a bittersweet goodbye. Merry Go Round home decor/consignment closed its door after three years of trying to do business (and make money) in Blaine. A big thank you to all my wonderful consignors and loyal customers who made it worthwhile.

Blaine is an enigma; how such a beautiful setting can have so many empty and rundown buildings is beyond comprehension. I was continually asked why there weren’t more retail businesses in Blaine and why couldn’t I be open more days/hours.

It’s basic economics – if you can’t make enough to cover rent and overhead, you have no profit to hire employees and you burn out trying.

Landlords in Blaine must be smoking dope (which I hope they buy locally) if they don’t help potential tenants out by lowering their ridiculous rental rates so mom and pop stores can succeed. And once a business opens, if Blaine residents don’t step up and support them, don’t expect the Canadians to do it.

Nancy Hamilton


  1. Nancy Hamilton hit the proverbial nail on the head. When I moved here 11 years ago, I wondered why downtown Blaine looked so empty and run down, but I expected that Blaine would catch up to the rest of Whatcom County sooner or later. Well, now it’s later, but plain ol’ Blaine still looks the same. There can only be two reasons: The people who are in a position to put Blaine on the map either can’t survive without a little help from the community, like Nancy, or simply aren’t interested. Ken Imus had the vision and the means to give Blaine a huge economic boost but now his son is in charge and, for whatever reason(s), he’s not interested. Thanks for trying, Nancy.


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