Blaine Police reports, May 4 – May 9

May 4, 11:30 a.m.: The Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office requested assistance from Blaine Police with an individual on Pipeline Road discharging a shotgun into trees. Officers and a sheriff’s deputy arrived and contacted the Blaine resident and learned he had been spraying his trees for tent caterpillars. When the man was unable to reach the top branches with his sprayer he decided to eradicate the Lepidoptera with No. 2 buckshot. Although it was a blast, the sheriff’s deputy addressed the man’s unconventional method of pest control.

May 4, 1:20 p.m.: Blaine Police responded to a non-injury two vehicle collision. One driver was backing out of a parking spot and struck another vehicle in the roadway. The officer assisted the parties with the exchange of information. No enforcement action was taken.

May 4, 10 p.m.: While on patrol, an officer spotted a man out for a stroll in the 900 block of Adelia St. He recognized the man as someone he had previously arrested on an outstanding warrant. A quick check of law enforcement databases told the officer the man had a new and current misdemeanor warrant out of the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office for reckless driving. The officer stopped and introduced himself and detained the man until the warrant could be confirmed. Upon confirmation the man was arrested and given a ride to the Whatcom County Jail.

May 5, 3:31 a.m.: Officer was dispatched to an alarm at a closed business. The officer arrived and found the business secure. The officer learned an employee had failed to properly reset the alarm upon returning after closing to retrieve his forgotten cell phone.

May 5, 10:15 a.m.: A woman called to report some damage that was done to her property. Offices arrived and examined the property. Nothing was damaged, and the item appeared to have been moved by natural causes. Nothing criminal was observed.

May 5, 5:00 p.m.: Police responded to a report of an elderly man that was down near the area of the boat launch. Officers arrived and found the man had fallen about six feet from his sailboat and hit his head. The man was transported to St. Joseph’s ER for evaluation.

May 5, 6:40 p.m.: The Sheriff’s Office requested assistance from Blaine officers in responding to a report of a person brandishing a gun. An officer arrived and, with the help of Border Patrol agents, assisted with setting up a perimeter and then contacting the suspect. The man was ultimately safely detained by a sheriff’s deputy.

May 5, 9:41 p.m.: While on patrol, an officer was flagged down by a man who stated he had just been assaulted and subsequently defended himself. The man said did not wish to press charges against his assailant. The officer spoke to a witness who claimed the reporting victim had in fact been the instigator, and that the other party had already left. Before having the opportunity to sort out who was on first and what was on second, the officer was called away to a higher priority call.

May 5, 9:44 p.m.: A 15-year-old called police to report that he had just been strangled by his father. Officers responded, spoke to the victim and examined him for any injuries. Officers also spoke to his father who denied any assault had occurred. Although both parties concurred an argument had taken place, officers found no evidence that an assault had occurred. The pair were encouraged to keep their distance from one other for the night and to call for help if they felt circumstances might escalate.

May 5, 9:55 p.m.: Officers responded to a report of an intoxicated man who was wandering from one gas station to the next and walking in the roadway. Officers contacted the out of town gentleman who said he was walking back to his motel room after consuming a large amount of alcohol and decided to seek out a snack. The man was delivered to his motel room where he could safely satiate his appetite.

May 5, 10:30 p.m.: Officers responded to a report from a concerned citizen about a man riding his bike through her neighborhood late at night. She was concerned he might have nefarious plans. Officers contacted and identified the man and learned he was just out enjoying a bike rid on a nice night.

May 6, 4:30 a.m.: Officer was dispatched to the Peace Arch Port of Entry for a person in possession of suspected methamphetamine. The drug field-tested positive for methamphetamine, and the 37-year-old Grandview, Washington man was booked into Whatcom County Jail for the possession charge.

May 6, 8:30 a.m.: A man reported that a coworker had made suicidal threats via social media. The Ferndale resident making the threats was contacted along side a road in Semiahmoo. The man insisted he was not suicidal and had not made any threats to harm himself. He was however upset that someone had stolen his wallet and cash out of his vehicle while on a job site in Semiahmoo a few days earlier, and he suspected his boss or another co-worker. A second report was generated for the theft complaint.

May 6, 10:30 a.m.: An Officer contacted a Blaine High School student who was walking down Mitchell Street while she should have been in class. The girl was redirected to the proper location, via the officer’s air-conditioned back seat, without incident.

May 6, 10:50 a.m.: A woman came into the Blaine Police Department to report that her purse was stolen from her car while she was parked outside the post office. The crime was rather mysterious, as the car had been locked prior to her going inside, and was found locked upon return, with all the windows closed. The victim returned home to see if her purse was inside the door on the table where she normally places it, but it was not there either. It was later determined a furry feline companion had knocked the purse to the floor and out of the woman’s line of sight. Fortunately the cat burglar had not taken anything from the purse, and all items were recovered.

May 6, 1:58 p.m.: U.S. Customs and Border Protection called and notified Blaine officers of a wrong way driver in the northbound lanes of I-5 at US Customs. It was believed the vehicle had exited onto D Street. Officers from several agencies were checking the city for the vehicle when a Blaine officer located the suspect vehicle getting onto southbound I-5 at MP 275. The vehicle was stopped and the elderly occupants were contacted. The driver stated he had become confused and thought that he was going to Custer. When he saw Canada Customs ahead he had turned around and drove the wrong way getting off on the northbound 276 on-ramp. A driver’s re-evaluation report will be sent to the Department of Licensing.

May 6, 5:15 p.m.: Blaine Police were dispatched to assist the WCSO with a call of a woman smashing a car’s windshield and threatening people with an axe. Officers arrived and assisted the sheriff’s deputies in apprehending the female suspect. She was taken by deputies to the ER for a mental health evaluation.

May 6, 7:24: Police were dispatched to a minor collision in the 100 block of 15th street. Two juveniles were longboarding near the street when one of the duo hit a rock or crack in the pavement. The juvenile fell and his longboard went flying…straight into the freshly repaired side of a 2016 Mazda causing minor damage to the car. The information was documented for insurance purposes.

May 6, 7:40 p.m.: A woman called police for assistance with two birds who were in peril at Marine Park. The duo had gotten stuck near the base of the totem pole. The officer was able to free one of the birds, but sadly the second had not survived the unfortunate incident.

May 6, 7:52 p.m.: Police were dispatched to a report of a man yelling at and berating people inside a store. Officers and Border patrol agents arrived to find the US Citizen walking to the Canadian Customs lines at SR543. Officers watched the man yell at the Canadian Border Services employees and waited for him to head south, back into the US. Once the agitated man crossed back over the International Boundary police contacted him. It was determined the man did not have any warrants. He was then trespassed from the two stores where he had been expressing his anger. He decided to continue south on his travels.

May 7, 8:20 a.m.: Officers were called to check the welfare of an apparent transient female and her cat. Officers contacted the road weary travelers and discovered they were also in the company of a male companion. All were found to have spent the night trespassing on private property. The trio was warned about trespass issues and given information for assistance. The three were last seen in route to Bellingham.

May 7, 9:10 p.m.: A person reported a black car occupied by three teens had been seen driving at a high rate of speed on Marine Dr. An officer patrolled the area, but the suspected speedsters were not located.

May 7, 11: 30 p.m.: Officers were dispatched to a report of a couple of cars driving erratically in a parking lot. The caller also stated several people got out of the cars at one point, and it looked as though a fight might break out. The group left the area prior to officers’ arrival.

May 8, 3:30 a.m.: A Border Patrol Agent reported finding a fallen tree in the 1000 block of D St. Officers and agents managed to get most of the tree off the roadway. Blaine Public Works was contacted to remove the tree from the shoulder of the road and sidewalk as it could pose a hazard for pedestrians and bicyclists.

May 8, 1:11 p.m.: Officers responded to an initial report of a robbery in progress. It was determined a tip jar had been stolen from a local restaurant. While officers were canvassing the area they contacted a person matching the possible description of the suspect. Initial information obtained did not give them cause to detain the man and he was allowed to continue on his way. As the investigation continued it was determined that person was in fact the thief. An attempt was made to contact him at his residence, but he fled the area while officers were making contact with his father. A summons is being prepared for the 23 year old Blaine man to appear in court on the charges.

May 8, 3:45 p.m.: Officers responded to a residence for a welfare check. Officers arrived and determined that earlier in the day a father had disciplined a child. The two parents were now arguing over the methods of discipline. Officers educated the parents on what was acceptable discipline and what constituted a crime. No crime had occurred and the parents appeared to agree to work on establishing mutually acceptable parenting practices.

May 9, 3:33 a.m.: A Blaine officer was dispatched to the Peace Arch POE for a suspended driver. An officer arrived and confirmed the suspension. The driver was arrested, cited and then released with a mandatory court date.

May 9, 9:39 a.m.: Officer met with a pair building a home on Blaine Ave. They wanted to report the neighbor was causing concern over their building and claiming trespassing, encroachment and other issues that were all civil. Their main concern was once the fence building began the neighbor would escalate. Their concerns came to fruition about an hour later when the neighbor called the police. Officers arrived and listened to the neighbor’s complaints. Everything reported was determined to be civil in nature and all parties were advised to contact civil attorneys if needed. All parties were also warned to keep their conversations to a polite and courteous level, so as not to risk committing a crime of harassment towards one another.

May 9, 11:30 a.m.: A British Columbia resident stopped by the police department seeking assistance with a VIN verification on a vehicle he had purchased. It was determined that two digits on the Certificate of Title and the VIN on the vehicle had been transposed. Checks on both VIN’s showed that neither VIN showed stolen. A verification was completed.

May 9, 4:08 p.m.: An Officer was dispatched to US Customs and Border Protection – Peace Arch for a suspended driver. Contact was made with he Bellingham resident and his Washington privileges were confirmed suspended. The man was arrested, cited and released with a summons into Blaine court. A licensed driver was contacted to obtain the vehicle.

May 9, 4:36 p.m.: Officer tagged a vehicle abandoned after a citizen reported a BC plated vehicle parked in the 1500 block of Grant Ave for several days. If the vehicle is not removed from the roadway within 72 hours it will be impounded.

May 9, 8:45 p.m.: An officer responded to a landlord tenant issue where there was suspected drug paraphernalia. The officer arrived and spoke with the involved parties. After being unable to determine who possessed the paraphernalia, the officer confiscated and properly destroyed the paraphernalia.

May 9, 9:25 p.m.: An officer responded to the 600 block of H Street for a report of a possible vehicle crash reported by OnStar to an insurance company. An officer arrived in the area soon after being dispatched and found no vehicles in the area and no signs of an accident.

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