Letters to the editor, March 24 – March 30

The Editor:

Many thanks your newspaper for printing our letters regarding our unfortunate permit issue with Whatcom County, and for the community support that you helped us mobilize.

While we regretted being forced to file a lawsuit to cut through the red tape, we are pleased to report that we won our case in Snohomish County Superior Court. The court overturned the hearing examiner’s decision as contrary to state law, and ordered Whatcom County to process our Conditional Use Permit.

Additional hurdles remain, of course, but we see the county’s decision not to appeal the court’s decision as a hopeful sign it will follow the law and soon our community can finally look forward to the construction of our badly needed senior community and Alzheimer’s special care facility.

For further details, go here: lincolnparkseniorcommunity.com/how-you-can-help.html

Mike and Julie Carney, on behalf of the Lincoln Park Senior Community

The Editor:

Once every 10 years, Whatcom County Council reviews our growth plan. State law requires this review and the public can help steer our council through this process.

What is important to you? Clean water, preservation of farm lands, clean air, controlling urban sprawl and managing fossil fuel exports are all open for discussion now. We can voice our concerns and our visions. Let our council know what is important to you. Share your priorities and help create a workable foundation upon which our county can grow and prosper into the future.

We can attend the council’s public hearings or voice our opinions through an email. Check whatcomcounty.us for information on how to do this.

Naomi Murphy


The Editor:

The caucus is coming. On March 26, everyone who declares support for the values of the Democratic Party can participate in the Democratic precinct caucuses. All you need to do is sign the registration form stating you consider yourself a Democrat, and show up at your caucus site to record your preference for a candidate.

Precinct 101 meets at the Point Roberts Community Center; precincts 102 to 108 meet at the Bay Horizon Park Activity Center (please wear gym shoes or similar soft soles); precincts 119 and 120 meet at the Lions Camp Horizon conference building; and precincts 110 to 115 at the Blaine Middle School cafeteria.

Doors open at 9:30 a.m., the caucus officially begins at 10 a.m. and will last about two hours. Besides voting for your candidate, delegates and alternates will be selected to represent those candidates in next levels up to the National Convention in Philadelphia. You can also bring platform recommendations to be passed on to the county convention on May 1.

See whatcomdemocrats.com to identify your precinct and caucus site and fill out your preregistration form to take with you to the caucus. Contact 647-7661.

Ruth Higgins


The Editor:

It is disappointing to me that our Lummi neighbors seem to be against any jobs at Cherry Point, while they are eagerly encouraging people to spend money at their casino and hotel. We need to support each other. People who don’t have jobs can’t spend money.

We are losing jobs right and left here, and we need not only more jobs, but jobs that pay real family wages, not service jobs that barely support one person, let alone a family.

I would ask the Lummi people and their leaders to listen to their hearts and to consider working with others to keep good jobs here, and to bring in more jobs. We all know form our anchor industries at Cherry Point that we can have a clean environment and jobs, and we expect the same from the Gateway terminal. Neighbors need to support neighbors, and share solutions together.

Spiro Pappacostas


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