WWU students need participants for rail study

Students from Western Washington University are conducting a feasibility study for a passenger rail stop in Blaine.

The students are asking people in Blaine and across the border to take part in a brief survey to help determine potential ridership for an Amtrak stop in Blaine. The survey can be found here.

The city has been considering a passenger rail stop in Blaine for several years, but began aggressively pursuing the idea once again last year. Proponents to the stop say it could prove to be a boon for the local economy, as there are more than 1 million potential riders just north of the border in B.C.’s Fraser Valley. But the city and the state rail commission want to be sure the stop would see enough use to justify the cost.

Those having trouble accessing the survey can contact the City of Blaine’s public works department at 332-8820. For more information on the passenger stop project, visit cityofblaine.com/849/A-New-Train-Station-in-Blaine.

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