Letters to the editor, February 11- February 17

The Editor:

The purpose of this letter is to enlist the help of any Blaine residents who might be interested in home delivery of groceries.

I am a “newbie” to the Blaine area, transplanted from Seattle. In Seattle, Safeway (among other stores) offered home grocery deliveries, allowing for both online and telephone ordering.

I began researching whether Safeway delivered to this area, and found that, alas, they do not.

I contacted Safeway corporate offices and asked what it would take to begin delivering to the entire 98230 zip code. I was told the best method is to get as many people as possible to access their online delivery site, and enter our zip code. When enough of an interest is illustrated, Safeway would consider delivery service.

To submit your online request for delivery, complete the following steps:

Access Safeway.com and click on Online Delivery. Click “Start Here” and enter 98230 in the zip code box. Click on “Browse as Guest Start Now.” You will see a message stating, “Unfortunately we do not deliver to your area…” Then enter 98230 and your email address and submit.

Even if you are not considering online delivery for yourself, please consider following these steps to help add to the total number of requests from our area. And please urge your friends and family residing in the 98230 zip code to complete the request process above.

Questions regarding Safeway’s delivery service are answered by the Help/FAQs link on the Safeway site.

Ordering by phone may also be possible. As yet, I have located no phone number for this process.

Thank you neighbors and friends!

Lisa Kertson


The Editor:

Another year gone and another year of endless pros and cons about Cherry Point and the shipping terminal.

I just don’t understand why the Lummis, with their profitable casino, don’t want to give others the chance to get ahead in our county. It seems that there is no harm at all in agreeing to at least talk about this with the folks who want the terminal here.

It makes me think that they are afraid of the facts and afraid to even listen. Maybe they are happy with the jobs they have at the casino, hotel, restaurant and other developments, but what about the rest of us who also live here? Not too neighborly, I think.

Maybe we should be thinking about this before we spend our hard-earned dollars at the casino. It’s kind of like the old days with political bosses running things the way they like and shutting down anything that doesn’t benefit them. There’s room for all of us here, especially those of us who have to work hard for our living and need jobs.

Kevin Jordan


The Editor:

In their email blast from February 2, it seems the Northwest Jobs Alliance (NWJA), which was formed to advocate for the Gateway Pacific coal terminal (GPT), is still telling toxic tall tales and taking things out of context about what Lummi Nation leadership is saying about Cherry Point industry.

The opening paragraph of the NWJA email, regarding the recent public hearing on the Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan, spoke of the efforts of “current leadership of the Lummi Nation to downzone and deindustrialize the Cherry Point heavy industry zone.”

Without providing proof, NWJA has been spreading the rumor that Lummi leadership and Lummi Nation want to deindustrialize Cherry Point for a while now. What makes this new email more brazen is that it comes after Kirk Vinish, interim director for Lummi Planning and Public Works, stated at the January 26 public hearing (which NWJA leaders Brad Owens and John Huntley attended) that the Lummi Indian Business Council supports the implementation of language in the comprehensive plan that would preserve the current uses of the Cherry Point industrial area and precludes harmful new uses that could be similar to GPT.

Please stand with people of the Lummi Nation and the many other members of our community who wish to ensure that we have healthy waterways and marine habitat. Together we can help preserve a thriving way of life for many generations to come.

To express your vision for a healthy Whatcom County you can submit a comment for the Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan to the county council at council@co.whatcom.wa.us.

Dena Jensen

Birch Bay

The Editor:

This country is no longer working for many ordinary citizens. We learned in our high school civics classes that majority rules in our form of government, but majorities of the American public actually have little influence over the policies our government adopts. It is a sham that money raising takes priority over legislative work, with legislators praying before they prey.

Just 158 families and the companies they control donated almost half of the money for early stages of the presidential campaign. Tax loopholes benefit the wealthy, who have the power and money to lobby for them. The richest 1 percent in the U.S. now possesses more wealth than the bottom 90 percent. It is not just the discrepancy that hurts all of us, but the fact that the rich are basically dependent on average citizens who buy products, rent space and spend modestly for survival.

It is frustrating to see our economy struggle while wages are stagnant. Our forefathers wrote a constitution based on moral ideals of fairness and equal participation in a democracy. The moral deconstruction of the rights of the poor, education, taxation, voting rights and fair justice calls for a new look at the true values of this land.

Donna Starr


The Editor:

The primary doesn’t count for president – only the caucus. The Washington state caucuses begin on March 26 at 10 a.m. We the people of Whatcom County have a great opportunity to attend the caucuses and stand up for Bernie. We are not volunteers for Bernie, we are volunteers for We the People and we want Bernie to represent our views of a more equal responsible government that provides education, health and safety to all of our citizens.

We cannot prevent every bad thing from happening but we can have a president who understands we must address the real dangers to our country: climate change and the inequality in our society that continues to result in a shrinking middle class and a growing lower class. He will use his power to make the hard changes that are fought tooth and nail by the special interests and big corporations that have corrupted and now control our government.

To make this historic change happen, we have to get to the caucus and stay. You can find your precinct location at sos.wa.gov/elections/myvote/. You must commit to staying for the entire time and this is sometimes a few hours but I hope you will all agree that it will be worth it to finally get a nominee that represents us.

If you want to do even more you can check out the local Bernie Facebook page: Bellingham and Whatcom County for Bernie Sanders or the website WhatcomforBernie.com.

Amy Glasser


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