Letters to the editor, February 4- February 10

The Editor,

The city of Blaine and the Port of Bellingham want the opinion of citizens as to what type access they desire for the port’s fishing pier, ranging from full vehicular and pedestrian access to pedestrian-only access. The survey is available at Blaine City Hall, Blaine Senior Center, Blaine Public Library and the Blaine Harbormaster’s Office. Please fill out this simple form and tell the port and city your preference. Hopefully the decision-makers will take into consideration what the majority desires even if the choice costs more.

In my opinion it is important to allow safe access for both pedestrians and vehicles for all user groups desiring to recreate at the port’s fishing pier.

Any other alternative other than full access to vehicles will disfranchise a variety of potential user groups from accessing the pier.

Blaine has an aging population, with many who are infirm but do not qualify for an ADA handicapped placard. If Marine Drive were to be opened to only those with handicapped placards, the infirm user group who are unable walk to and from would not be able to access the pier without difficulty.

Prior to the closure, recreational crabbers would drive to the pier in their vehicles which served to carry their fishing tackle, fish buckets, crab pots, chairs, ice boxes, fishing poles for the kids, lunch, beverages – even grandma might come as well. Their vehicles serve as both shelter and a base from which they fished and recreated most of the day. Not having vehicular traffic accessing the pier will greatly impact this user group.

On January 28, the Whatcom County Parks and Recreation commission, of which I am a member, unanimously voted to approve the Whatcom County Comprehensive Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan. In a Parks and Recreation Open Space-controlled sample survey of 800 households undertaken by Beckwith Consulting, respondents ranked waterfront and beach access as the highest priority. Access to the waterfront is a big issue.

Richard Sturgill


The Editor:

I will be beyond disappointed if my representative and senators vote to further place us in the position where foreign corporations can sue us when they can’t freely make their profit on the use of our land, air and water.

I say “No” on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and they should work to undo these disastrous trade policies that have placed us in this situation. I think the TransCanada pipeline saga has given us a chance to see how this will play out. Even if we dodge this one, they are suing for $15 billion for denial of the Keystone XL pipeline, the treasure lost to litigate via the secret investor-state dispute settlement will be paid for by us.

It may become too expensive to protect our land, air and water and the greedy selfish will do as they wish. If laws to give us a chance to be informed and make the best decisions are objected to they will just be thrown out. Country of origin labeling of meat is a good example. Our descendants deserve a better legacy. No on TPP!

Peggy Borgens


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