Blaine Police reports, January 14- January 17

January 14, 7:23 a.m.: Police responded to a welfare check at a residence when an alarm company received an emergency personal safety activation and operators said they could hear people yelling in the background. Officers arrived and contacted the subscriber and other parties inside. They found that the alarm had been triggered while some of the family members present had been arguing. Everyone was safe and no crimes had been committed.

January 14, 10:24 a.m.: A resident called police to report being the victim of fraudulent debit card transactions. She related to an officer that she had immediately contacted her financial institution, and payment had been stopped on approximately 50 attempted transactions in New York City. The resident has not incurred a direct financial loss to this point and the firm that owns the card issued to her is also investigating.

January 14, 12:56 p.m.: U.S. Customs at the Peace Arch port reported that while interviewing a person who was applying for entry into the U.S. they discovered that the traveler’s driving privileges in the states had been suspended by the Washington Department of Licensing. Blaine Police were called, and an officer responded and confirmed the suspension. The motorist was arrested for driving while license suspended and released with a criminal citation and mandatory court date.

January 14, 5:10 p.m.: An officer returned a phone call to a phone number dispatch provided for a person who wanted police contact. The phone was answered by a person who yelled at the officer for several minutes in a disjointed manner about several disconnected issues, none of which were in the realm of law enforcement. The officer’s attempts to identify the person’s chief concern or what the police could do to help were in vain. The diatribe ended when the person stated they did not need any help, said goodbye and disconnected. Hopefully the one-sided conversation was cathartic for the caller.

January 15, 8 a.m.: Police were advised by concerned passersby that a few motorists are causing a safety problem on school day mornings by using the Blaine school campus “Bus Only” lanes off of Boblett Street. Officers will be parking at the entrance of the bus only area to encourage drivers to obey the lane signage. The owner of one vehicle in particular was identified and is being contacted to solicit their cooperation.

January 15, 3:03 p.m.: A resident called to report suspicious activity and a possible burglary in progress when they spotted two people taking items out of the garage of a nearby home during a time when the primary occupant was out of the area. Officers responded and contacted the pair. One was a resident and the other was a family member assisting with repair work.

January 16, 11:50 a.m.: Police responded to a home to assist with a welfare check. While there the officers contacted an occupant who was wanted on a district court warrant for failure to appear for a court hearing and failure to comply with court orders regarding an assault. The woman was arrested and booked in to jail. A drug-smoking pipe in her possession was impounded for destruction.

January 16, 12:30 p.m.: A resident on Blaine Avenue called police to report vandalism when he discovered someone had thrown a large rock through the rear window of his family car. The victim had parked in front of his house about 7 p.m. the previous evening, and had not heard the anything unusual overnight. At this time there are no suspects or witnesses. Rocks are not amenable to fingerprinting and no evidentiary material was located at the scene.

January 17, 12:51 p.m.: An out-of-state resident called police to report that a possibly suicidal person was at a location on H Street in Blaine. Officers responded and contacted a young man who had texted a friend saying he was thinking about suicide. The officers learned the victim was experiencing significant issues and had made comments about self-harm. He explained that he no longer felt like hurting himself. The intervention concluded with the gentleman agreeing to accompany a family member to the hospital to meet with a mental health professional.

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