Alcoa idling postponed through June

By Steve Guntli

Workers at Ferndale’s Intalco plant can expect a few more months of employment.

On January 19, Alcoa announced it would postpone the idling of the Intalco Works aluminum plant in Ferndale through the end of June.

The company announced in November it would be shutting down operations at the plant in late March, putting 485 employees out of work.

Alcoa representatives cited changes in energy and raw material costs on the global market in their decision to keep the plant open longer.

According to an Alcoa news release, once all announced curtailments and closures are complete, the company will have approximately 25 percent less operating smelting capacity and approximately 20 percent less operating refining capacity by mid-2016.

Globally, Alcoa will have 2.1 million metric tons of operating smelting capacity and 12.3 million metric tons of operating refining capacity remaining.

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