Blaine Police reports, January 7- January 11

January 7, 12:17 p.m.: Police responded to a report of a suspicious man wandering around the yards of homes on Cedar Street, and contacted a very intoxicated gentleman who had made his way back onto the public right of way. He declined assistance and explained he was just out for walk. He was warned to not weave onto private property.

January 7, 12:57 p.m.: A resident stopped by asking if an officer could check on her neighbor’s chickens. She explained the folks next door live elsewhere and only visit occasionally, and the poultry protecting their back yard appeared to be running low on feed and water. The police department contacted the owners and they promised to resupply their hens that same day.

January 8, 11:33 a.m.: A property owner came to the police department seeking assistance with a trespassing problem on parcels of land his company owns in Blaine. Neighbors in the area have reported to him that they are being disturbed by random passersby in vehicles entering the chained off property. An officer suggested to the owner that if he posted “No Trespassing” signs at the chained entrances officers could then contact vehicles which violated the boundaries of his land.

January 9, 6:10 a.m.: A couple visiting a store had a disagreement with the cashier about whether or not they had paid money for lottery tickets. When the clerk would not relent the couple used their cell phone to call 911 for help. Their Canadian phone carrier connected them to a 911 center in B.C. Those dispatchers figured out the couple’s location in Washington state and routed the emergency-help-needed call back to the U.S., and Blaine Police were dispatched to the store. They learned that the cashier had offered to have the store security video reviewed and have the till audited, but the couple refused to await the outcome and decided to take their transaction and their cell phone to another business.

January 9, 11:55 a.m.: A motorist contacted police to report a theft from her vehicle. She explained that she had left her car unlocked briefly while inside a business. When she returned she discovered that pieces of mail that had been in her car were missing. At this time there are no suspects in the taking.

January 9, 2:40 p.m.: Police responded to several reports that a German shepherd dog was loose in a residential neighborhood. The officers located and issued a verbal warning to the owner of Addie, a young canine which had no prior record of running at large. Animal Control was advised of the incident for their patrols.

January 9, 5 p.m.: A motorist on D Street overtook the car ahead of him and began tailgating the auto, which was traveling the speed limit. Perhaps because one of his headlights was out, the aggressive driver did not realize that the guy in front of him was wearing a uniform and driving a marked police vehicle. When the officer contacted the hurried man to discuss the irony of the matter, the driver of the speeding, tailgating, one-eyed car said he did not have his driver’s license with him. This brought to light the fact that his driving privilege in Washington was suspended. A mandatory court appearance is scheduled.

January 9, 5:06 p.m.: Police were dispatched to help the residents of an apartment who reported a stranger was beating on their door. The arriving officers contacted a very intoxicated woman who said she was lost. It turned out she was staying in an adjacent motel but did not get to go there because she was wanted on an outstanding arrest warrant so went to jail instead.

January 10, 2:55 p.m.: A 12-year-old good Samaritan found a wallet containing cash and credit cards and contacted Blaine Police. The grateful owner was advised his property had been found before he even realized it was missing, and arranged to immediately recover it.

January 11, 12:31 a.m.: Police were dispatched to a residential neighborhood on reports of someone in the area calling out for help. Officers arrived and determined the noisemaker was an intoxicated teenager. The young man attempted unsuccessfully to elude of the officers but was arrested for his alcohol violation. He was released to a parent after processing.

  1. On behalf of our entire community, I would like to thank the 12-year-old who found a wallet with cash in it and turned it over to police. Your sense of empathy, honesty and integrity are commendable. Very few adults would have been as thoughtful. I hope that the person who lost the wallet offers you a public “thank you” as well.


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