Year in review: Blaine school district

By Ron Spanjer, Ed.D

As 2015 draws to a close, the staff and students of Blaine school district have many accomplishments to celebrate.

District staff members continue to address the challenge of meeting multiple complex state mandates for Washington schools. New systems have been implemented for testing student achievement, as well as for evaluating teacher and principal performance.

We are implementing more intensified academic standards at all grade levels as we transition to these new systems. As such, we anticipate seeing a higher level of overall success for students.

With passage of the capital projects bond in February of 2015, we are now poised to complete a broad range of construction projects. The new addition to Blaine Primary School will be finished in time for the 2016-17 school year. This will make it possible for us to offer a full-time kindergarten program to students in our district.

Construction on the first of three phases at Blaine High School will commence in June of 2016. The extensive facility work at Blaine High School is slated for completion by the start of the 2019–20 school year. The staff and students of Blaine school district remain extremely grateful for the overall community support shown toward assuring that long overdue construction will now be addressed.

In February 2016, voters of the Blaine school district will be asked to approve (renew) our four-year maintenance and operations levy. The maintenance and operations levy is currently a critical funding mechanism for our district, representing approximately 25 percent of overall program revenue. Renewal of the maintenance and operations levy will allow Blaine school district to maintain existing educational programs, as well as address future needs.

Community members are invited to connect with their schools by visiting the district’s website for regular updates and a calendar of student activities. We hope you will attend community events that showcase the hard work and talents of students in each of our schools. Thank you for your continued involvement in, and support to, your school system.

We are proud to be an active part of making a positive difference for all students.

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