Blaine Police reports, December 10- December 15

December 10, 8:20 a.m.: While conducting an inventory check of a vehicle he was impounding an officer located drug paraphernalia and suspected narcotics in the car. The vehicle was secured as evidence and stored, and a search warrant was obtained to thoroughly search it. Personal use quantities of methamphetamine and heroin were recovered along with injection equipment. A case report was forwarded to the prosecutor for review of drug charges on two adults.

December 10, 11:47 a.m.: Police responded to a non-injury crash at H Street and the truck route, and arrived to find both vehicles had parked safely off the road after the collision. Their investigation showed that a driver who was stopped at the traffic light on SR 543 had been struck from behind by the second vehicle. Damage was limited to the front bumper of the second car, which had impacted the back of the trailer the first car was towing.

December 10, 3:02 p.m.: Police were called after two motorists got into a non-verbal exchange of anger hand signals and horn honking in a disagreement over their respective driving habits at a traffic signal. One driver had followed the other to a parking lot near the police station afterwards, exited his car and reportedly made verbal threats to the other motorist. An officer arrived, defused the session and completed a case report, which was forwarded to the city prosecutor for review.

December 10, 3:55 p.m.: Police were dispatched to a grocery store on a report of shoplifters in custody there. The responding officer found a store employee detaining two teenagers who admitted to having stolen a $15 package of bacon. Excessive amounts of processed meat can be harmful in more ways than one: the young men were released to their guardians while a case report on the theft was forwarded to the juvenile prosecutor.

December 10, 5:58 p.m.: A woman called for help at a residence, reporting that during an argument she had been assaulted by her spouse, who had also broken the family’s VCR. Officers arrived to investigate, and arrested the husband for domestic violence assault fourth and domestic violence malicious mischief third. He was booked into jail.

December 10, 7:40 p.m.: Blaine Police assisted a Whatcom County sheriff’s deputy, who responded to a report of a possibly suicidal person at a residence in the county near Blaine’s city limits. The officers interviewed the person of interest and found he was very intoxicated but not suicidal.

December 11, 10:24 p.m.: Police were dispatched to a report of an attempted residential burglary. Officers arrived and found a broken double-pane window at the home. They searched the area and with the help of Border Patrol K9 Santos and his handler they located and contacted the suspect at his property about a block away. The man denied intending to break into a house, but also said he was so intoxicated he did not actually remember his walk home from downtown. Meanwhile a witness positively identified the man as the person who had broken the window. Officers arrested him for malicious mischief and cited him into municipal court.

December 13, 11:54 a.m.: During a heavy rain, a downtown alleyway’s single storm drain was overwhelmed, and the resulting overflow flooded the alley and the back rooms of two businesses in an adjacent building. Police and a public works supervisor were notified and immediately responded, and the public works team cleared the drain. Public works management is reviewing the problem for a longer-term solution.

December 13, 10:11 p.m.: An officer stopped a vehicle to warn its driver about failing to properly signal before making a turn. It turned out that the motorist had a suspended license in addition to his multiple warrants from the Whatcom County sheriff’s office and Blaine police department. The man was arrested on the warrants and booked into jail. He was also issued a criminal citation for driving with a suspended license third degree and given a mandatory court date.

December 13, 10:28 p.m.: An anonymous person called dispatch to report that he had observed bomb-making materials inside an occupied room at a motel. After careful preparatory investigation Blaine officers assisted by Border Patrol agents contacted the room and its friendly, helpful occupant. Nothing illegal or suspicious was there. Repeated attempts to re-contact the anonymous caller were unsuccessful.

December 14, 11:11 a.m.: A resident on D Street east of the truck route reported that a package and some of their mail had been found lying out in the roadway near their home. The package had been opened and items totaling $183 in value had been taken. Some of the mail was opened as well, but nothing else of monetary value was missing. Officers are investigating.

December 14, 4:50 p.m.: A family came to the police department for information regarding their options in addressing an escalating safety concern stemming from a former relative’s erratic and threatening behavior. An officer met with the family, provided them with contact information for resources and opened a criminal case report into possible violations of domestic violence laws.

December 14, 6:50 p.m.: An officer on patrol spotted two unsupervised 4-year-old siblings without coats or supervision playing on tricycles at A Street and Drayton Court in the cold and dark. The youngsters could not point to where they lived, and did not know their address. A nearby helpful neighbor agreed to watch the kids while police searched the area. An officer found the mother asleep at her home a block away, unaware her children were missing. After a discussion with Mom, the officer reunited her with the children, and gave suggestions on better securing her home. Child Protective Services was notified of the incident for follow-up contact with the family.

December 15, 3:57 a.m.: Officers stopped a vehicle on Peace Portal that bore an obstructed license plate. The driver was found to have a suspended license, as well as multiple warrants from the sheriff’s office and Ferndale police. The man was arrested on the warrants and booked into jail. He was also issued citations for no proof of insurance and driving while license suspended.

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