Blaine Police reports, November 9- November 17

November 9, 2:26 p.m.: A passerby called police for assistance when she observed an injured cat lying in the road on a residential street. The feline quickly succumbed to its injuries and an officer removed the pet. It had an implanted microchip so officers were able to identify and visit its owner to explain what had occurred.

November 9, 7:44 p.m.: Washington State Patrol (WSP) requested assistance from Blaine Police in contacting an out-of-country visitor who was creating a safety hazard by hitchhiking in the roadway along a dark stretch of SR 543. Just as officers arrived the sojourner caught a ride from a passing semi truck driver, and WSP was advised that the problem had resolved itself.

November 9, 8:11 p.m.: Police responded to a residence at the request of person who lives out of state and was concerned about a relative who lives here and has been very upset lately. Officers contacted the woman and advised her of her family’s concern for her. They determined there was not a safety issue requiring emergency intervention.

November 10, 5:01 a.m.: A resident called police when a loud banging on the exterior side of their home awakened her. Officers arrived in the area within moments of the call and searched the property. They did not see any other people in the area. There were no obvious sign of humans having tread on the grass surrounding the house but officers did find numerous raccoon prints in the area. The officers were glad the homeowner called to report the unusual noise, and they in turn appreciated the extra patrol.

November 10, 5:09 p.m.: The U.S. Postal Service called police after a customer became upset in their business lobby and made an inferred threat as he stormed out, slamming his fist against a glass door in the process. The door was not damaged in the incident, and officers are investigating the threat and disorderly conduct.

November 10, 7:17 p.m.: A business employee called police to report that someone was possibly trying to steal a car but hung up the phone before dispatchers could obtain further information. Officers arrived at the business and contacted the suspicious person. It turned out that he had temporarily parked in a rented car space when his car developed a mechanical issue, and was now having a transport company haul the vehicle home. He provided paperwork confirming he was the legal owner of the vehicle and was thanked for his cooperation.

November 10, 7:38 p.m.: Police were called to a restaurant when employees there learned that a woman and her teenaged son who were seated inside were destitute and stranded. Officers interviewed the family and found they’d traveled here intending to enter Canada but had been denied entry to that country. An officer helped them locate temporary shelter where they could work on their plan for traveling back south.

November 12, 5:37 p.m.: A mental health professional called police asking for assistance transporting a cooperative teenager from Blaine to the hospital for a voluntary mental health evaluation. An officer contacted the youth and gave her a ride to the facility, where she met her parents and staff.

November 12, 7 p.m.: It was a night the lights went out on Georgia, and Mitchell, and every other street in Blaine when high winds caused a hiccup in the Puget power substation providing electricity to the city. Police notified public works and power was restored within about 30 minutes. Meanwhile the officers checked and resolved the several false alarms caused by the outage.

November 13, 3:35 a.m.: Police were dispatched to contact a resident who reported he was having medical problems but specifically did not want medically trained first responders to visit him. An officer spoke with the gentleman, and he agreed to have medics respond to evaluate his condition. Police remained on scene until fire department aid personnel arrived.

November 13, 6:21 a.m.: Police were called to a report of an assault at a residence with the attacker still in the home. An officer responded, investigated and arrested an adult man for domestic violence assault and malicious mischief. The 23-year-old Blaine resident was booked into jail.

November 13, 3:08 p.m.: A passing motorist reported that a car had crashed into a roadside ditch on Sweet Road near Odell. The teenaged driver and his three passengers were not injured but the vintage car is probably a total loss. Border Patrol agents helped direct traffic at the scene while a police officer investigated and a tow truck could remove the remains. The crash happened when the driver lost control on the wet pavement after making a turn and trying to accelerate too quickly.

November 14, 8:28 a.m.: An officer contacted the registered owner of a trailer that was illegally parked along the shoulder of a residential street. The utility trailer had not moved in some time and bore an expired license plate. The owner is making arrangements to have the trailer removed.

November 16, 6:34 p.m.: A witness called to report that about 15 minutes earlier a reckless driver had lost control of a vehicle and crashed into the ditch while trying to negotiate a turn. Several young people had clambered out of the car, pushed it back onto the road and left the area, squealing tires on the wet pavement in the process. No damage was done to other property, and police are investigating.

November 17, 5:58 p.m.: An officer responded to a non-injury reportable collision that occurred on SR 543 at Boblett Street. The involved drivers moved their vehicles to a nearby business while waiting for the officer. The first vehicle was following a semi truck and trailer and stopped behind it when the truck stopped for a red traffic light. The second vehicle was following too close and collided with vehicle one. A collision report was completed.

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