Man robs Blaine bank, waits for police to arrest him


A man robbed the U.S. Bank on H Street, but then waited outside for the police.

On October 29, Gregory Jason Walker, 49, walked into the bank at 280 H Street and handed the teller a note asking her to hand over cash. Upon receiving it, he took the money and the note outside, but waited around the area for Blaine Police to arrive. Police found Walker sitting outside the bank, waiting to be arrested.

Walker was not carrying a weapon and didn’t threaten the teller with a weapon. Walker told police he had been in the bank and then handed over the cash. He was arrested and booked into Whatcom County Jail. He is being charged with suspicion of first-degree robbery.

The case is unrelated to a similar string of robberies in Bellingham, the most recent of which occurred November 2. In that case, 65-year-old Richard Kenneth Gorton handed a note to a teller at a bank on Meridian Street, and then waited outside for police to arrest him. This was the third such robbery Gorton has committed since 2014. In each instance, he told police he was about to lose his housing and preferred to be in jail rather than on the streets.

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