Letters to the editor, October 15- October 21

The Editor:

The Port of Bellingham is at a crucial time in its history and involved in several projects throughout the county. As these projects unfold, it is election time for a new port commissioner. I am retiring from the district 3 position and I strongly endorse Gary Jensen to be your new commissioner.

Not only is Gary Jensen the mayor of Ferndale but he is also very involved with port-sponsored meetings throughout the county. He has much experience in negotiating with and/or listening to planners, developers, financial advisors, First Nation representatives, consultants, contractors and many other professional and non-professional people. This skill will be invaluable as we progress through developments.

Three large projects – the reclamation of the former Georgia Pacific site in downtown Bellingham, the completion of the Bellingham International Airport and the Blaine Harbor project – will require several years to reach completion. With the excellent staff we have at the Port of Bellingham and Gary Jensen’s capabilities to work together with staff, success is in the making.

Gary also is a recreational boater and has had many interactions with the commercial fleet. He feels the port has a good and reasonable moorage policy.

Gary Jensen is a man of integrity, good judgment, leadership skills and a good sense of humor. He will be an excellent addition as your port commissioner.

Jim Jorgensen


The Editor:

Hundreds of hours studying the official Gateway Pacific Terminal (GPT) coal export terminal application and learning pros and cons of the GPT coal export terminal proposal have led me to the conclusion that GPT would damage our air and water quality, our health, our home property values, our tourism and commercial fishing industries (threatening thousands of jobs), threaten farmers’ access to Nooksack River water and harm our shared natural treasures including wildlife.

I am deeply concerned that GPT would transform our beautiful community, which is now based upon a healthy connection to the land and sea into North America’s biggest coal export dump.

This November we the people of Whatcom County will elect two members to the Whatcom County Council. The results of this election will play a significant role in determining whether or not the GPT coal export terminal is built in our community. Only Whatcom County Councilmembers (not the people of Whatcom County) will ever get to cast a vote for or against the proposed GPT coal export terminal.

I urge all Whatcom County voters who are concerned about the harmful GPT coal export proposal to please vote for Satpal Sidhu and Todd Donovan for Whatcom County Council. Satpal Sidhu and Todd Donovan understand our concerns; they will protect our air, land and water from destruction by dangerous coal exports and promote the healthy growth of our economy.

Also on the ballot are propositions that would change how we would elect Whatcom County Councilmembers in the future. These propositions will indirectly but significantly affect whether or not the coal export terminal is built. I urge all voters concerned about the harmful impacts of a coal export terminal to please vote to reject propositions 1, 2 and 3; and vote to approve propositions 9 and 10.

There are two candidates for port commissioner, Bobby Briscoe and Gary Jensen. Gary Jensen promotes the GPT coal export terminal proposal. Bobby Briscoe is trustworthy, knowledgeable and a working fisherman. Bobby understands port operations and how to promote sea-going trade and maritime businesses that create family wage jobs. Please vote for Bobby Briscoe.

Paula Rotundi


The Editor:

We strongly urge you to re-elect Dean Whitney as fire commissioner for fire district 21.

Commissioner Whitney is a lifetime resident of Whatcom County and fire district 21. Commissioner Whitney has been involved in the fire service in Whatcom County for over 40 years serving as a volunteer firefighter, fire chief and fire commissioner. Commissioner Whitney remains committed to maintaining service levels to our community, is dedicated to representing the citizen taxpayers and supports the employees and public safety partners of the district.

Commissioner Whitney remains committed to providing the community with good fire and medical protection in a fiscally responsible manner. In casting your vote to re-elect Dean Whitney for fire district 21 board commissioner you are ensuring the continuity of the fire district governance. We feel commissioner Whitney is the best choice for the taxpayers of fire district 21.

Bill Salter and Dean Berkeley

North Whatcom Fire and Rescue fire commissioners

The Editor:

The Alternative Humane Society would like to thank Pam Smith for hosting the fourth annual Divots for the Dogs and Puttin’ for the Pups at Dakota Creek Golf on September 23.

We would also like to thank Dave and his crew at Bellingham Signs by Tomorrow for the terrific hole sponsor signs and banner. Thank you also to Chris van Nuys at St. Moritz Watch Corporation for donating the prize for the winner of Puttin’ for the Pups. Thanks to all of our hole sponsors; we would not have had a successful event without you.

Keep an eye on our website alternativehumanesociety.com for next year’s Divots for the Dogs and other future events.

Linda Stack

Alternative Humane Society volunteer

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