Letters to the editor, October 8- October 14

The Editor:

Whatcom County isn’t that large and we all know each other. Our family knows both families of Port of Bellingham commissioner candidates Gary Jensen and Bobby Briscoe. Both men are great people and lifelong Whatcom County residents.

Folks, it’s unique to have an election with two fine candidates – really terrific men. But for many reasons I am supporting Gary Jensen. First, he is committed to both the environment and economic development. As Ferndale mayor for eight years, he leaves no doubt that a public official can promote policies that ensure a healthy environment and create jobs.

Gary Jensen also knows the port issues. I attended a recent forum by the League of Women Voters. He showed a stronger grasp of essential port and county issues.

Third, Jensen’s political experience should be considered. That experience is essential to navigating issues between the port, the cities and county.

Finally, Jensen has been uniquely able to reach across both aisles, garner support from both the left-handed and right-handed and show that he can work with all parties. Democrats tried to recruit Jensen a year ago to run for state office, and this year Republicans have endorsed his candidacy. That type of bipartisan giftedness is essential for the port commission – especially so, since there are only three commissioners.

Our family supports Gary Jensen for port commissioner.

Jon Mutchler


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