Letters to the editor, October 1- October 7

The Editor:

Many voters are being bombarded on TV and the radio all day and night being asked to overturn the soda and candy tax. Washington state is the first state to tax soda; thus soda companies are pouring lots of money to stop this tax so other states won’t start this tax.

If this tax is repealed at least 15,000 state kids will be kicked off the basic health plan. This message is not getting out. We can’t throw children under the bus.

Barbara Perry


The Editor:

I hope his trend will die in its infancy.

Some company has decided to fill phone appointment wait times with the sound of advertising, not music. This is over-the-top rudeness.

Companies that handle the phone systems at Rite Aid, Comcast and medical offices in Bellingham have decided to make money by advertising in your ear when you are put on hold.

This practice is extremely rude and should be stopped.

Your only escape is to hang up, but of course you don’t want to do that because you’ll lose your place in line. This annoyance is akin to being buttonholed on the way to the restroom by someone trying to sell you a carload of bananas. Knock it off!

Yesterday I managed a work-around by disconnecting and calling back to explain how abused I felt then asked the operator to arrange for a callback.

Tom Kimberly


The Editor:

It would seem our county is in a small quandary. Do we vote to keep our county council districts as they have been for all the decades I have lived here? Do we add two more districts? Do we vote by district or vote overall countywide?

I prefer to vote by district for a number of reasons. I live in the county. Bellingham is 35 minutes away by car. I live in an area where salmon spawn, cougars howl and my dog chases raccoons, possums, birds and the occasional liberal.

How someone living in the lettered streets or by the college can understand my concerns and lifestyle is difficult. I store food, water, sleeping bags, batteries and other necessities. I doubt that most city dwellers would survive a week without electricity, natural gas, running water or food. I would. Voting by district makes sense to me because city dwellers and Bellingham voters make no sense at all.

Mark Nelson


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