City considers proposal to honor Bruce Wolf

Crowds of music festival students and locals filled G Street Plaza. Street concerts were held Monday through Friday in G and H Street plazas.  Photo by Steve Guntli

Crowds of music festival students and locals filled G Street Plaza. Photo by Steve Guntli

By Katelyn Doggett

A proposal to rename the G Street Plaza has been offered to the Blaine Park and Cemetery Board for consideration.

At the September 17 board meeting, former Blaine mayor Mike Myers presented a draft memorial plaque that would honor long-time Semiahmoo resident and former city councilmember Bruce Wolf. Myers is a member of a small committee which wants to rename the plaza and install a memorial plaque.

City manager Dave Wilbrecht had presented the proposal to the board at its June 18 meeting, but Meyers returned to the September meeting with more details.

Wolf died in December 2014 after being struck by a car while walking his dog near Semiahmoo Park. Wolf was an influential member of the community and helped drive many local projects, Myers said. He helped start the Blaine Jazz Festival (now known as the Drayton Harbor Music Festival), founded the Pacific Arts Academy with his wife, Sandy Wolf, and had a strong vision that helped inspire the construction of the G Street Plaza.

The board is in favor of memorializing Wolf, but some members are concerned with renaming the plaza and the initial wording of the plaque. They also wanted to be certain that Wolf’s family approved any action taken.

Board member Angie Dixon felt it was important to ensure continuity with the name of H Street Plaza and suggested that G Street remain in the name, and proposed “Wolf Plaza on G Street.”

Myers was open to changes, and opted to let board members decide the next steps.

The board postponed voting to propose the change to city council until the next meeting, when all board members should be present. The next Park and Cemetery Board meeting will be held on Thursday, October 15 at Blaine City Hall.

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