Art Beat, September 2015

By Kitty King

Featured Artist: Blaine school district arts programs

In a world where we can instantly access high-definition TV shows, look at art online, watch fantastic special effects at home or in movie theaters and listen to music everywhere we go, the live arts continue to exist. Here’s why:

TV, movies and portable music devices give you the product, but not the full pleasure that a live performance can bring. Live performances and exhibits depend on you, the audience. You are a part of the show, whether you observe in perfect silence or join the laughter, applause and sounds of appreciation. The performers feel your presence and approval, and you have become part of the arts community.

As the school year begins, you are cordially invited to take part in the visual and performing arts provided by the award-winning students and teachers of the Blaine school district. Enjoy band concerts, choir performances, art exhibits, drama productions and more. Come and be part of the arts in Blaine!

Performance dates can be found on the district website,

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