New fitness trainer aims to get Blaine active


By Katelyn Doggett

A new fitness studio has opened up in Blaine.

On August 1, Alpine Strength and Conditioning opened for business in the basement of owner Brian Mattioli’s house, 1532 Madison Avenue. Mattioli’s goal is to help clients look better, feel better, move better or perform better.

“I want to help people be the best that they can be, and use their new abilities in practical ways,” Mattioli said.

As a registered coach with the National Strength and Conditioning Association, Mattioli has earned the highest distinction a strength coach can achieve, but strength training hasn’t always been his biggest passion.

Growing up in Wisconsin, Mattioli didn’t participate in many sports besides alpine skiing. However, he did love watching sports and started taking weight-training classes at 13. He also rowed crew in college.

While studying psychology at Trinity Western University in Langley, British Columbia, Mattioli decided to double major in kinesiology.

Continuing with his degree in psychology has been beneficial, Mattioli said. It helps him to understand his client’s motivations and connect with them on a deeper level.

In 2010, Mattioli moved to Colorado to earn a Master of Science in sports medicine with an emphasis in strength and conditioning from Colorado College. While in Colorado, Mattioli helped train collegiate athletes and also trained Olympic and Paralympic athletes at the Olympic training center in Colorado Springs. Mattioli trained athletes in events ranging from bobsledding to pistol and shotgun.

“I’ve trained everyone of all skill levels and abilities,” Mattioli said. “From 7-year-olds to clients in their 80s.”

Before moving to Blaine in January 2015, Mattioli worked as the head of performance and fitness at a startup fitness studio in Langley called All Around Fitness and Wellness Centre. After moving to Blaine, Mattioli decided he had enough experience under his belt to open his own studio.

The name “Alpine Strength” comes from Mattioli’s love of the outdoors and strength conditioning. It is a reflection of Mattioli’s goal of teaching people to use their newfound skills in practical ways outdoors, such as hiking, biking, kayaking and skiing, he said.

“My biggest challenge is learning how to run a small business,” Mattioli said. “I’m great at my strength training discipline, but have a lot to learn about business, and continue to grow in that area.”

Mattioli’s studio features commercial-quality equipment and takes an eco-friendly approach with LED lighting, recycled rubber matting and biodegradable cleaners.

Instead of one-on-one training, clients receive semi-private training in small groups of three to four people. A group setting is shown to provide better results and makes the sessions more affordable, Mattioli said.

Mattioli specializes in low back pain management, sport performance and tactical strength and conditioning, but can help anyone who wants to lose weight or get into shape.

“The best part is seeing someone transform over a period of time,” Mattioli said. “I look at fitness and health as a journey. You start at a certain point and then whatever choices you make can become habitual in order to reach an end goal and lifestyle change.”

As Alpine Strength continues to grow, Mattioli plans to hire staff and partner with other local health and wellness specialists in order to create a network of chiropractors, physical therapists and nutritionists to refer clients to. Mattioli hopes to open a larger studio in downtown Blaine within the next few years.

For more information about Alpine Strength and Conditioning contact Mattioli at 262/818-5995 or visit

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